2. Banking Interview Tips

Personal interview is an important part of Banking examination i.e. IBPS PO, SBI PO, BOB PO, IBPS RRB, RBI etc. Though, the interview questions may be expected or unexpected. Sometimes it can be tough for you to answer the question spontaneously. If you are preparing for bank exams, then this article is for you.


Any interview has 6 major categories of questions.

  1. Personal questions
  2. Educational background
  3. Career goals and objectives
  4. Question related to post and job type
  5. Questions related to banking sector
  6. Questions based on current affairs (Specially banking sector related)


  1. Personal Questions:-

To know about interviewee (you), interviewer has most famous question “Tell me something about you/ yourself”. Let’s see some personal questions:-

i).        Name: – If your name has some significant values, mention it

ii).       Birth Place: – If your birth place has some historic importance or something big landmark, mention a story about it.

iii).      Family Background: – Tell about father’s/ family’s occupation, reasons not to chosse their/ his occupations.

iv).      Strength/ weakness: – Firstly, tell your strength. Be honest and mention some weakness but in positive way.

v).       Role Model/ Ideal: – Your ideal should be that person with whose you can connect your goals to his professional life. And you should know everything about your role model.

vi).      Work Experience:  – If you have any work experience in past, you must be mention it. If you were a team leader then, also mention it.

  1. Educational Background: –

The question will be around ‘what’ & ‘why’ of your education background. Types of questions:-

i).        Your Education: – Interviewer is interested to know your graduation or post graduation.

 ii).      Why you choose this stream/ subject in your graduation? : – Interviewer wants to know your interest in the particular stream/ subject that you choose. You should be sound enthusiastic about your stream/ subject and educational choices.

iii).      Plans for further education: – Interviewer wants to know about your enthusiasm to new learning.

            Your answer should be framed as:-

I do not have any plans now, but in the future, if I feel that I need to learn something new to help me do my work in better way, I would definitely go ahead.


  1. Career Goals & Objectives:-

The career related question will around your career goals, ambitions and understanding of the role you applied for. Types of questions:-

i).        What you have done after graduation? : – The interviewer wants to know your career choices have emerged over the years.

            If you change the career path, then your answer should be sensible for it.

ii).       Why Choose Banking: –

            For a non-commerce student it may be a difficult question.

            Your answer should include:-

            a.)       I have developed interest in banking sector.

            b.)       I start reading about banking and financial problems in the current banking system and I can play an important role in solving them.


iii).      Why did you leave the previous job: – Never say negative bout previous company, it may be a bad impression on interviewer. Say some positive point about previous job that how much you enjoyed the job. But later you realized that you could play a more vital role as a banking officer.

iv).      Why govt job not private job? : – It should not be Govt sector v/s private sector. But it should be about learning and job profile.


  1. Question related to post and job type:-

The questions will revolve around your knowledge of the job profile and the company you are aspiring to be part of.

i).        Why should I hire you? : – Show your enthusiasm for the work profile, how it will teach you a lot and take you forward professionally, making you a better person as a whole.

ii).       What are the roles and responsibilities of this job? : – You must know about the job profile and career path in detail.


  1. Questions related to banking sector:-

            All the questions will be around the banking sector, economics, RBI, Financial policies. Type of questions:-

            Click Here to know more about the financial questions.


  1. Questions based on current affairs (Specially banking sector related):-

            The questions will be related to recent incidents happening around the world. Question can be base on:-

            Politics, banking system, new laws/ treaties, law amendments, awards, sports, persons/ events in highlights, social reforms etc.

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