How to Read Newspaper Effectively

In government job exams, at all three stages (Preliminary, Mains or Interview) questions are asked from current affairs. So, Newspapers are considered as the best sources for the current affiars. Reading Newspaper also improves your writing and speaking skills.

But, before starting on tips to Read Newspaper Effectively, go through the previous year question papers of the exam for which you are appearing. This will give you the idea about the way questions are asked directly and indirectly.

Things to read in Newspaper from an Examination Point of View:-

  • Front Page: – Important events of the day.
  • Regional News: – Important events of the states.
  • National News: – Important events of the day in the country.
  • Editorial: – Important articles written by editors.
  • Op-Ed: – Opinion articles on important events written by non-editors (guest editors).
  • International: – Important events on worldwide.
  • Business and Economy: – Important business and economics news.
  • Science and Technology/ Entertainment/ Lifestyle: – New things happen in respective areas.
  • Sports: – Important events/ tournaments of various sports.


DOs while reading newspaper:-


  • The announcement of various policies.
  • Various bills passed in India.
  • Appointment of CEOs and CMDs of different companies or firms.
  • Government advertisements about various Schemes and policies.
  • Prepare for both Union as well as State Governments.
  • Sports events and World Cups.
  • Important Summits and Global issues.
  • Countries in news.
  • Economic related issues (e.g. New Repo rate, CRR, SLR, RBI monetary policy)
  • Obituaries of Famous personalities.


DON’Ts while reading newspaper:-

  • Avoid the ‘masala’ news related to cricket, politics and film industry.
  • Do not do research on news related scams (never asked questions on scams).
  • No need to collect cutting of newspapers. It wastes lot of time.
  • Do not go in depth of news.

For General Awareness do not go deep into any issue only try to find the factual data. Special focus should be on Economy and Business page. Moreover, try to make a note in one sentence and revise it every day at least half an hour.


Advantages of Reading Newspaper

  • Improves your reading speed.
  • Grammar error/ Sentence rearrangement/ Vocabulary.
  • Increase your concentration level.
  • It is the basic way to grasp Current Affairs thoroughly.
  • It enables you to read and understand long paragraphs quickly.
  • Makes you familiar with English Grammar.
  • Helps you in Essay Writing.
  • Gives you an upper hand for Group Discussion and Interview.
  • Reading is the best hobby for career growth and it needs to be inculcated early on.
  • Increase the confidence level.
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