Exam stress: (How to get rid of exam stress)

Exam stress is a common problem of all students. Most of the students experience exam stress during the days of examination or early days of exam. No mater, how much student has prepared, he/ she will undergo less or more exam stress. The fear of getting fail or low marks is a reason of stress. The students, who have good preparation for the exam, face little stress during the examination. On the other hand, students who are less prepared for exams get more/ severe stress during examination.

Fear of felling or getting low marks are the major causes of stress during examination. During the examination period a student find less time for preparation for the paper or only 1-2 days for next paper. Due to little time and much syllabus to be prepared, students get pressurized. And he starts worried about getting fail or little marks.


Effects of stress:-

  1. It refrain students from studying and making preparation during exam. Student finds it hard to concentrate on his subject while study and may even leave the books.
  2. It also affects the well prepared student. Students, who have made good preparation and just need to revise their course, can also be affected by exam-stress adversely.
  3. Severe exam stress may also cause health problems i.e. mental or physical problems.
  4. Stress while writing the paper in exam hall affects overall performance of student in exam. He/ she may forget everything about answering the question in paper. He may be not able to answer the question people because he cannot concentrate on paper due to stress.
  5. The exam stress may be reduce your efficiency of writing answers and this will be reflect in your score card.


Tips to get rid of exam stress:-

  1. Properly utilize the short time period before the exams.
  2. Be confident to your success.
  3. Never think about failure.
  4. Never ask about the preparation to your friends or classmates during the days of examination.
  5. Only think about the time which you used for study during the academics/ coaching, never think about the time which you wasted during the academics/ coaching.

This is the main cause of time wasting during examination. Many students remember about wasted time in coaching and think that he/ she will start from the scratch after the exam. Never think like this

  1. Relax your mind if you find difficult to start preparation.
  2. Never think what people/ family will say.
  3. Develop a strong faith in yourself.
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