Tips and Topics for SSC CGL Tier III Examination

It is known to all that Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducting descriptive paper instead of interview in CGL examination. This paper tests your proficiency in writing. Also, it tests how effectively you can communicate ideas. This will be done mainly via essay topics. It is the new turf for all the candidates. You may be worried for the final selection after the result of tier- II examination. As tier- III approaching, let’s focus on the new system rather than harping on the usual procedure i.e. tier- II.

  1. Read, read, and read — Try reading as many newspapers, books, and magazines as possible. It will increase your knowledge and improve vocabulary and sentence formation skills.
  2. Read from the best — The Hindu, Economic Times, Yojana etc.
  3. Try to read a variety of articles on the following topics; finance & economy, social issues, politics, technology, sports, environmental issues, and geopolitics. This will help you write an essay on any topic given.
  4. Also, try to complete your essay within 30 minutes.
  5. Divide your essay into three parts — introduction, body, and conclusion. Keep the paras short; one para should talk maximum about two aspects.

            Introduction (around 40 words)

            Body (around 160 words)

            Conclusion (around 50 words)

  1. Before you start writing the essay, you should note down the points you would like to write about. These points will help you have a better flow of writing.
  2. Also, do keep in mind that you will get marks based on the quality and not quantity. So, don’t go overboard on the number of words.
  3. To get better at writing essays, practice writing essays on a variety of topics. And after writing, do proofread your work. Make all the necessary edits to have a clear and grammatically correct written piece.


Presentation Tips:-

  1. Try to write in legible handwriting
  2. Try not to cut and overwrite.
  3. While writing, keep three things in mind- introduction, body and conclusion.
  4. There should be a flow in context i.e. the reader should be able to understand the connection between two things.
  5. Do not try to make long sentences.
  6. Last but not the least, keep your grammar correct. Do not make silly mistakes. The aim of this test is to check the writing skills of candidates because you have to write many letters once you get selected.


Topics for essay:-

  1. GST and its effects on Economy
  2. Demonetization and its effects on Economy
  3. Reforms needed in Indian education system
  4. Woman reservation in Indian Parliament
  5. Role of independent judiciary in Democracy
  6. Indian space program
  7. My dream job
  8. Reservation: right or wrong
  9. Death penalty in child rape case: right or wrong
  10. Necessity of sex education in schools
  11. Reservation in private sector
  12. Importance of opposition in democracy
  13. Woman harassment
  14. How can I serve my country?
  15. Terrorism
  16. Role of media
  17. Communal riots
  18. Online harassment
  19. India Pakistan relationships
  20. Seventh Pay Commission
  21. Social media: God or Bad
  22. Fake news
  23. Bad effects of internet
  24. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  25. Digital India
  26. Make in India: is it a jargon or real initiative
  27. FDI limits in various sectors
  28. Disinvestment of public sectors: right or wrong
  29. NPA in banks: how can be overcome?
  30. Brain drain in technology and medical: what is the way out?
  31. Namami Gange: river cleaning
  32. Brexit: effects on India
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