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Social Media: Good or Bad

Communication is the essence of life. It is not the distance that keeps us apart but the absence of communication kills a relationship. Communication is the salt of life and adds spice to one’s life. By character, man is a social animal and hence the worst kind of punishment for heinous crimes given to the most brutal kind of offenders is solitary confinement where his communication with the whole world is severed. The absence of communication causes the greatest of mental agony and communication can be rightly termed as the soul of all relationships. Communication saw a new height with the advent of internet followed by the boom in a new virtual world of communication via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Social media is a newly coined term which means different media and platforms for interactions, sharing and exchanging ideas, releasing new information, exchanging moments of joys and sorrows on a virtual platform among people, family, friends, groups and like-minded people. This new and virtual world of communication has taken the real world by storm. Social media has carved its niche in the world of communication. In a very short span of time, it has connected people closely and effectively and has transformed the world into a global village. It has made communication very easy even with the person living on the other side of the globe. Social media spreads every piece of information like a wild fire and like-minded people get connected with a social cause immediately and whole-heartedly. Any person can create one’s personal profile and start communicating. The whole process is so easy, interesting and addictive that in no time an individual becomes friend with unknown people sharing pictures, videos and personal things. It helps us stay connected with family and friends in today’s fast world when no one has time for anyone. It helps us rekindle old friendship, find lost acquaintances and share information. It helps us connect with people of same interest and build new relationships. Businessmen find it very helpful in promoting and marketing their business, products and brands. New brands soon become a household name. Thanks to social media.


Social media has revolutionized the Police and Security Departments too. Criminals get nabbed in no time if their mugs hot are circulated online. Social media has helped the Police Department in solving many cases. Earlier the most wanted criminals of one police station roamed about freely in the jurisdiction of other police station but now they cannot hide even in the other side of the world. Other information too like those related to security threats, missing children, agitations and even traffic congestions are shared, averted and solved through social media.

Social media like any other invention of science is not free from abuses and misuses. It has serious drawbacks too. The first and foremost problem with social media is the social media itself. It is highly addictive. This web of lies catches on the imaginative world of the youths who go crazy about anything and everything. They get carried away by the attention they draw and risk their life by going for blind dates and spending time with a completely unknown person who has walked from the virtual world into his/ her real world. Cyber bullying has also wreaked havoc in the life of many people who one fine morning finds slanderous and malicious pieces of information about their personal life on social media. Social media has been the root cause of many broken relationships too. People get so much absorbed in their virtual world that they reduce and almost stop interacting with the real world face to face. The quality of conversation via social media is awful because one cannot sense the emotion of other person. Misconstrued emotions cut deep into the relationship between two individuals when one feel deep for the other while the other is just flirting with one and the other profile. Such misunderstood emotions lead to either heart breaks and depressions or the perpetration of heinous crime in revenge. This web of lies has ruined the life of many people.

Social media has its own pros and cons. Its advantages are so many that we cannot do without it but its disadvantages are so serious that we cannot turn blind eye towards them. There is no general rule book on the dos and don’ts when we use the social media, hence self-imposed restrictions and censorship are wise and advisable. Unbridled power breeds despotism, abuse of power and anarchy. Better to be safe than sorry, with this powerful medium of communication too.

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