IBPS RRB: Salary and Promotion

Institute of Banking personnel selection has released its recruitment notification for grade A officer ‘Scale I, Scale II, Scale III’ and grade B ‘Office Assistant’ for all the graduates there is a golden opportunity to enter banking sector.

At a basic level these jobs provide one with a great job security, experience based promotions, better growth opportunities, stability and many more perks and benefits just like any other government job. Along with that, these jobs help you develop a deep understanding of the global economy as well.


IBPS RRB officer scale job and work profile and salary.

Officers in regional rural banks are recruited to the post in scale I, II and III there is a difference experience requirement for these posts there can be differences in duties and task based on the bank and location but broadly their duties are as follows.

  • Banking activities regulation: – Managing all the functions of the commercial bank and seeing that all the activities are happening on time and as planned.
  • Loans and credit: – Facilities promotion of loans and credit facility of the ruler bank among farmers for agriculture development and distribute the credit making the farmers understand the benefits of the credit facilities in the most transparent ways.
  • Credit profile: – Checking up on the loan takers and further check his capacity to pay back the loan to avoid the loans to turn in non-performing Assets and hence affect the economy.
  • Public communications: – Communicating to the masses and spreading the different policies and schemes to local people.
  • The implementation of schemes: – Implementing the schemes passed by the central government for the development of the ruler area and managing distribution of the money among them that is the allotted by the government.


Even if the salary of IBPS RRB post varies according to the grade, they have a good salary structure. There are good chances of increase in the salary.

Salary Structure:-




Office Assistant (Clerk) -> Officer Scale I, II, III (PO) -> Assistant Manager -> Deputy Manager -> Branch Manager -> Senior Branch Manager -> Chief Manager -> Assistant General Manager -> Deputy General Manager -> General Manager


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