Joint Military Exercises By India

Joint Military Exercises By India: – To build alliances with friendly countries Indian armed forces participates in many joint military exercises. Interoperability may be important in future. The core reason we do military exercises is to test our communication, planning, decision making and our thinking.

A joint exercise execution performed in the field of:-

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Anti-air Warfare
  • Air Defence
  • Anti-submarine Warfare
  • Anti-surface Warfare
  • Maritime indirection operation
  • Anti-terrorist operations & much more.

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There are some joint military exercises mention below which executes by Indian Armed Forces with the allies countries.


S. No.Exercise NameParticipants
1.LamityeIndia and Seychelles
2.Naseem Al BahrIndia and Oman
3.Al NagahIndia and Oman
4.Hand-in-handIndia and China
5.AUSINDEXIndia and Australia
6.Prabal DostykIndia and Kazakhstan
7.KhanjarIndia and Kyrgystan
8.MaitreIndia and Thailand
9.Ajeya WarriorIndia and United Kingdom
10.KonkanIndia and United Kingdom
11.Desert EagleIndia and United Arab Emirates
12.EkuverinIndia and Maldives
13.VinbaxIndia and Vietnam
14.Harimau ShaktiIndia and Malaysia
15.MilanMulti-nation Naval exercise in the Indian Ocean
16.DostiTrilateral Coast Guard exercise among India, Sri Lanka and Maldives from 2012 and bilateral between India and

Maldives from 1991 to 2011

17.MalabarTrilateral Naval exercise  between India, Japan and United States from 2015 and bilateral between India and United States from 1992 to 2014
18.IndraIndia and Russia
19.SimbexIndia and Singapore
20.Agni WarriorIndia and Singapore
21.Bold KurukshetraIndia and Singapore
22.SalvexIndia and United States
23.Yudh AbhyasIndia and United States
24.Vajra PraharIndia and United States
25.SlinexIndia and Sri Lanka
26.Mitra ShaktiIndia and Sri Lanka
27.SampritiIndia and Bangladesh
28.Nomadic ElephantIndia and Mongolia
29.Khan QuestIndia and Mongolia
30.VarunaIndia and France
31.ShaktiIndia and France
32.Surya KiranIndia and Nepal
33.JimexIndia and Japan
34.Sahyog KaijinIndia and Japan
35.Garuda ShaktiIndia and Indonesia


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