5 Habits of IAS Aspirants

5 habits every IAS aspirants should develop

The life of IAS aspirants is not simple. They have to do several changes in their habits to get the desired result. For example: If a candidate loves to study in the last few months of the exam and have been scoring good marks then he might find difficulty in adjusting with regular study pattern during the preparation of the UPSC.

So, if you are dedicated and passionate about cracking India’s toughest exam, the UPSC, then you will have to do disciplined preparation.

Before you start to prepare for the UPSC examination, make sure you are strictly following the tips mentioned below.

Have a solid study plan

There can be no preparation without proper planning and a routine. The syllabus of the UPSC is vast, unlikely to other competitive exams. So complete devotion and dedication are required to crack the exam.

Block time for your study. Firstly, make an experimental routine and follow it for a week. If that doesn’t work, chalk out another schedule for your preparation.

Your routine can be inspired by the study plans of the IAS toppers but don’t blindly follow them. Make necessary changes and modifications.

Every hour is precious

Time management is one of the keys to success. So, don’t waste time while you are preparing for the UPSC exam. There are many IAS coaching in Delhi which can help you teach the importance of time in the UPSC preparation.

Always keep a clock with you. When you are solving a question paper set a deadline for yourself and try to solve the questions within that time-frame. You can join IAS coaching or attempt Online IAS test series to increase your speed of solving answers.

The syllabus of UPSC is too vast and you have to make use of every day’s 10-11 hours out of 24 hours for the preparation.

Wake up to a newspaper

Read current affairs from the newspaper. Pick your favorite newspaper and read their editorial page for UPSC Mains. The Hindu’s editorial page is highly recommended on the exam point of view.

You have to avoid reading and wasting time on gossip sections of the newspaper. Make newspapers your friend because it will help you all three phases of the recruitment process of the UPSC—Prelims, Mains, and Personal Interview.

Don’t get carried away with junk foods

You have to stay fit and healthy to completely focus on your UPSC preparation. If our body is troubling you then it would distract you from the goal.

Maintain a good distance with junk food. Eat fruits, cereals, pulses, fiber and protein products.

Don’t compromise with your sleeping schedule. Take a minimum of six hours of sleep. Your mind and body need to take rest so that the next day you can start your preparation again.

Notes are the saviour for last-minute revision

Don’t forget to make notes. You have to keep mini notes, flashcards, or posters to keep revising the things you have already read.

If you don’t keep the notes then it would be very difficult for you to revise the whole syllabus at the last minute. So, save yourself from such trauma and prepare for the UPSC exam.

At last, I would like to say that don’t delay in following the above tips if you want to succeed in the UPSC exam. There are some best IAS Coaching in Delhi, get enrolled and make way to success.

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