Why NET Teaching Jobs are Popular in Hong Kong for Foreigners?

Teaching jobs are quite popular in Hong Kong. There has been stiff competition for teaching jobs at the top local primary and secondary schools, including the international ones in Hong Kong. Most of the schools, both primary and secondary, prefer to hire Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs). The secondary schools also give preference to teachers with qualifications in specialized subjects. NET Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong are highly demanded in the well-established government schools. Most of these schools prefer to hire foreign teachers since 1998. The private teaching schools are also doing well and prospective teaching jobs are available here too.

A brief description of NET Jobs

NET stands for Native English Teacher. The teacher is hired to teach in primary and secondary school in Hong Kong initially for a 2-year period. Usually, the foreigners are hired in teaching jobs in Hong Kong because they are more fluent and well-versed in English. The local teachers are well-versed in Mandarin, Cantonese and other local languages but not in English. While the locals are hired for subject teaching jobs in Hong Kong, expats are hired for English Language Training (ELT).

The official languages in Hong Kong are both Chinese and English. That is why the Government of Hong Kong invests a good amount in helping students to attain a proficiency in English. Thus, the Education Bureau (EDB) in Hong Kong had introduced the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme for helping different public and private schools in Hong Kong.

Funds are available from various sources like as Parent-Teacher Association, Government Additional Funds, and school sponsoring bodies to hire foreign teachers in NET teaching jobs in Hong Kong. To enhance English Language learning and teaching in schools, teaching jobs in English have become very popular. There are jobs available for NETs not only in the government schools but also in private schools, kindergartens, and nurseries. Within the Hong Kong public school system, the foreign teachers are accompanied by a local teacher in the classroom to make the students feel comfortable.

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Eligibility conditions

In order to apply for teaching jobs in Hong Kong under the Native-Speaking English Teacher (NET) scheme, qualified candidates need to complete their teaching certification. All government schools prefer that the candidate should have a teaching license if he or she wants to join as a secondary teacher. The candidate should obtain a TEFL certification, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. For primary teachers, this is optional. With previous teaching experience, there are better chances of teaching jobs in Hong Kong.

Pay scale

As per reports, a NET teacher in Hong Kong gets around $3,000-$7,300 per month, with a good hike of 15% on the basis of performance plus completion bonus. With a solid raise, a foreign teacher can stay back in Hong Kong and can continue with the same teaching job or apply for new NET teaching jobs in Hong Kong. Usually, the leading government schools offer other benefits as well. The average pay scale in private local school teaching jobs in Hong Kong is around $2,000 a month while international ones pay around $3,000/month. Once the 2-year contract is over, teachers should extend their contract for better pay packages.

Basic Benefits of Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

Expats getting teaching jobs in Hong Kong, especially in government schools, can expect many benefits, besides the salary. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Airfare (round trip) is provided to 5 persons in the family of the candidate.
  • Housing allowance is given to the foreign teacher, which is around $2000/month
  • Candidates have paid leave for national holidays, summer vacations
  • Medical Insurance is provided to the entire family’s health care
  • Other benefits include Retention Bonus, Bonus Pay, Cash Advances on Salary Luggage Allowance, and so on.
  • Candidates can also choose the work place as per their convenience all across Hong Kong.

A teaching career in English as a NET is a well-paid, prospective and a stable career in Hong Kong for foreigners. Hence, teaching jobs in Hong Kong are very popular.

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