NCERT books are quiet often used for many competitive exams such as upsc, state psc. you can download books from class 5 to 12 in PDF format in both hindi and english.

Class 6

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiVasant Durva Bal Ram Katha
2.EnglishHoneysuckle A Pact With The Sun
3.MathematicsDownload In English | Download In Hindi 
4.ScienceDownload In English |Download In Hindi
5.Social ScienceHistory – Our Past | The Earth Our Habitat | Social And Political Life
7.UrduUrdu Guldasta | Apni Zuban-VI Jaan Pahechan

Class 7

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiVasant | Durva | Mahabharat
2.EnglishHoneycomb | An Alien Hand (Supplementary Reader)
3.MathematicsDownload In English | Download In Hindi
4.ScienceDownload In English | Download In Hindi
5.Social ScienceOur Past II | Our Environment | Social And Political Life
7.UrduApni Zaban | Door Paas | Urdu Guldasta

Class 8

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiVasant | Durva | Bharat Ki Khoj
2.EnglishHoneydew | It So Happened
3.MathematicsDownload In Eng | Download In Hindi – Ganit
4.ScienceDownload In Eng | Download In Hindi – Vigyan 
5.Social ScienceResource And Development (Geography) – Download Pdf 

Social And Political Life – Download Pdf 

History – Our-Pasts III – Download Part I | Part II

7.UrduApni Zaban | Door Paas | Jaan Pehchan | Urdu Guldasta (Supplementary)

Class 9

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiKshitij Hindi Textbook | Sparsh | Kritika | Sanchayan
2.EnglishBeehive | Moments Supplementary Reader | Words And Expressions – 1
3.MathematicsDownload In Eng | Download In Hindi 
4.ScienceDownload In Eng | Download In Hindi
5.Social ScienceDemocratic Politics – Download Pdf | (Political Science In Hindi – Loktantrik Rajniti)Contemporary India – Download Pdf | (Samkalin Bharat)

India And The Contempoarary World-I – Download Pdf | (Bharat Aur Samkalin Vishwa-I)

Economics – Download Pdf | (Arthshashtra)

6.SanskritShemushi Prathmo Bhag | Vyakaranavithi | Abhyaswaan Bhav
7.UrduGulzare-E-Urdu | Nawa-E-Urdu | Jaan Pahechan | Door Pass | Sab Rang | Asnaf-E-Urdu Adab
8.Health And Physical EducationDownload

Class 10

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiKshitij-2 Hindi Textbook | Sparsh | Kritika | Sanchayan Bhag-2
2.EnglishFirst Flight | Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader
3.MathematicsDownload In Eng | Download In Hindi 
4.ScienceDownload In Eng | Download In Hindi – Vigyan 
5.Social ScienceDemocratic Politics II – Download In Eng | (Political Science In Hindi – Loktantrik Rajniti II)

Contemporary India – Download In Eng | Samkalin Bharat

India And The Contempoarary World-II – Download In Eng Bharat Aur Samkalin Vishwa-II

Understanding Economic Development – Download In Eng | Arthik Vikas Ki Samajh

6.SanskritShemushi | Vyakaranavithi
7.UrduGulzar-E-Urdu | Nawa-E-Urdu | Urdu Qwaid Aur Insha | Jaan Pahechan | Door-Paas | Sab-Rang

Class 11

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiAntra | Aroh | Vitan | Antral
2.EnglishHornbill | Woven Words | Snapshots Supplementary Reader
3.MathematicsDownload Pdf | Download Mathematics In Hindi
4.BiologyDownload Pdf 
5.ChemistryDownload Part 1 – PdfPart 2 – Pdf
6.PhysicsDownload Part 1 PdfPart 2 – Pdf 
7.Political SciencePolitical Theory – Download Pdf Indian Constitution At Work – Download Pdf
8.GeographyFundamental Of Physical Geography – Download PdfPractical Work In Geography – Download Pdf

India Physical Environment – Download Pdf

Geography (From CBSE Website) – Geospacial Techonology – Download Pdf

9.HistoryDownload Themes In World History 
10.SanskritBhaswati – Download

Shashwati – Download

11.UrduNai Awaz Dhanak
12.Computer Science (Python)Downlaod Pdf
13.Computers And Communication TechnologyCCT Part 1 Pdf & CCT Part 2 Pdf
14.AccountacyDownload Financial Accounting – Part 1Accountancy II 

Class 12

S. No.SubjectLink
1.HindiAntra | Aroh | Vitan | Antral
2.EnglishFlamingo | Vistas | Kaliedoscope
3.MathematicsDownload Pdf Part 1 Part 2
4.BiologyDownload Pdf 
5.ChemistryDownload Pdf – Part 1Part 2
6.PhysicsDownload Pdf
7.Political ScienceDownload Pdf – Part 1Part 2
8.GeographyFundamentals Of Human Geography – Download PdfPractical Work In Geography – Part II – Download Pdf

India – People And Economy – Download Pdf 

Geography (From CBSE Website) – Geospacial Techonology – Download Text Book

9.HistoryThemes In Indian History – Download Part I Pdf | Part II Pdf Part III Pdf
10.SanskritBhaswati – Download Pdf

Shashwati – Download Pdf

11.UrduDownload – Khayaban-E-Urdu
12.Computer Science (Python)Download Pdf
13.Business StudiesDownload Pdf – Part 1 Part 2Supplementary Reading Material In Business Studies Class 12
14.AccountacyDownload Pdf – Part 1Part 2 Download Computerised Accounting System

Download Adoption of Schedule VI to the Companies Act 1956 Class 12

Guidelines For Practical Work In Accounting And Practical Work In Computerized Accounting – Download Pdf

15.Business StudiesDownlaod Pdf
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