Comprehension 05

One November afternoon, a child came to Rhyader’s light house studio. She was about twelve, slender, dirty, nervous and timid. In her arms she carried something. She was desperately afraid of the ugly man she had come to see, but she had heard somewhere that this man would heal injured things. The man’s voice was deep and kind when he spoke to her. What is it, child? She stepped forward timidly, and in her arms was a large white bird which was quite still. There were stains of blood on its whiteness. The girl placed it in his arms. “I found it, Sir. It’s hurt, is it still alive?” “Yes, Yes, I think so?” Rhayader went inside with the bird in his arms. He placed it upon a table. The girl flowered. The bird fluttered. Rhayader spread one of its large white wings. “Child, where did you find it?” “In the wash, Sir. Hunters had been there?” “It is a snow goose from Canada .But how did it get here?” The girl’s eyes were fixed on the injured bird. She said, “Can you heal it, Sir?” “Yes” said Rhayader. “We will try. You can help me. She has been shot, poor thing, her leg is broken and the wing too.”


  1. Which of the phrases best describes the girl?

(a).      Loud and forceful              (b).     Slender and dirty

(c).      Shy and clean                      (d).     Bold and brave


  1. Where did the bird come from?

(a).      From the South                  (b).     From Australia

(c).      From north America         (d).     From Canada


  1. Where did Rhayader live?

(a).      In a cabin by   the marsh              (b).     An old cottage

(c).      In a light house                               (d).     In a barn


  1. How had the bird been injured?

(a).      While flying through the woods                        (b).     By wild animals

(c).      She had been shot by hunters                (d).     By a great storm


  1. Why did the girl take the bird to Rhayader?

(a).      So that he would tell her if it was still alive

(b).     So that he would tell her what to do

(c).      So that he would heat it

(d).     So that he would send it to where it came from


Ans.: – 1. (b) 2. (d) 3. (c) 4. (c) 5. (c

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