Comprehension 06

The world is becoming a dangerous place to live in, and this is despite our claims of being civilized, of having evolved from the primitive to the modern man and from the cave man to cultured being .Many reasons can be attributed to this. A man longs to be the king of all kingdoms, but it too extravagant and idle. He desires that his writ should run through the whole world. But then he is lazy and lethargic. Man is mean, far inferior to other species. We are more human than humane. We have negative qualities such as anger, ego, envy, greed, hatred and jealousy, that we should consider overcoming.            

We have allowed these qualities to become our consuming passions. We think that we are mightier than most. We think we are capable of destroying anything by using our might. Today, we have acquired weapons of mass destruction, which are capable of obliterating all life from the face of this planet. As men we arm men. Then we destroy people without arms. Then why are we giving vent to this anger? We let our wrath take over our senses. We  fight to satisfy our egos. The overpowering obsession of a man with himself motivates him to grab everything and to fulfil his greed.


  1. Why has the world become a dangerous place to live in?

(a).      Because man desires to be king of all kingdoms but is idle and extravagant

(b).     Because man has become civilized

(c).      Because man has evolved from primitive to modern

(d).     Because man has become a cultured being


  1. What are the qualities that have become man’s consuming passion?

(a).      Idleness and laziness                                                         (b).     Laziness and lethargy

(c).      Anger, ego, greed, envy, hatred and jealousy           (d).     The desire to be king


  1. What is man capable of achieving today?

(a).      The ability to destroy everything

(b).     The ability to have his writ run through the whole world

(c).      The power to conquer the world                    

(d).     The power to obliterate life from this planet


  1. Give the antonym of “Obliterate”.

(a).      Destroy                     (b).     Erase

(c).      Create                        (d).     Prevent


  1. What does man think of himself today?

(a).      That he is mightier than most     (b).     That he can be king of all kingdoms

(c).      That he can rule the world          (d).     That he is more humane than human


Ans.: – 1. (a) 2. (c) 3. (d) 4. (c) 5. (a)

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