Comprehension 09

The question of race has caused bloodbaths throughout history. Take the case of the Negro, a negro is someone with black skin who comes from Africa. It is an old fashioned word and is offensive. Some people used to write that way deliberately. The word “nigger” is also very offensive. The word was later replaced by “coloured” which gave way to “black”.  Black is a colour with negative suggestions. So we has expressions like “black deed”, “black day” and “blackmail”. So no wonder the word “black” too assumed unfavourable meanings. (Although in the 1960s the famous slogan ‘Black is beautiful was coined’ and it did not help).The blacks of the United States therefore came to be called Afro-Americans. Now, the politically correct phrase is African American.


  1. Which is the politically correct phrase?

(a).      Afro-Americans                  (b).     African American

(c).      Coloured                               (d).     Nigger


  1. What impression does the word ‘black’ carry?

(a).      Negative                               (b).     Unfavourable

(c).      Contemptible                      (d).     All of the above


  1. Give the synonym of “Offensive”.

(a).      Courteous                            (b).     Aggressive

(c).      Sympathetic                                    (d).     Defending


  1. Why was ‘Black is beautiful’ coined?

(a).      To enhance the confidence of aboriginals

(b).     To encourage Racial and Caste bias

(c).      To discourage negro slavery system

(d).     To combat the prejudiced feelings against blacks


  1. Which word is old-fashioned and offensive?

(a).      Black              (b).     Skin

(c).      Negro                        (d).     Africa



Ans.: – 1. (b)  2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (a) 5. (c)

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