Current Affairs 11 March 2018



11 MARCH, 2018

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1. India, France boost defence ties, agrees to logistic support.
Indian and French govt agreed on logistic support, supplies and services between the armed forces during authorised port visit, joint exercise, joint training, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.
2. Election Commission (EC) shifts stand on mandatory seeding of Adhar with voter ID in Supreme Court.
Election chief – A. k. Joti
3. U.S.A. President Donald Trump accepted the invitation to meet Kim Jong Un of North Korea.
4. I will not change constitute for limitless tenure: Vlamdir Putin (Russian President).
5. Indian Govt. had made passport details mandatory for loans ₹ 50 crore and above.
6. E-way bill will be act from April, 2018 for inter-state movement of goods over the RS 50,000.
7. Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), Delhi and Chhatrapati Sivaji Maharaj International Airport (Mumbai) both are ranked world’s best airports among 1952 airports of 176 countries by Airport Council International (ACI)
8. Karnataka to become 2nd state in country to unveil its own flag.
The Karnataka govt unveiled the State Flag (Nada Dhwaja) for the state. If the centre approved it, Karnataka will        become 2nd state to have a flag after Jammu and Kashmir.
9. Virat Kohli named as a 1st brand ambassador of Uber India

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