Daily Vocabulary Day 2

Daily Vocabulary Update

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11). Intractable (adjective)

Meaning: hard to control or deal with.

Synonyms: unmanageable, uncontrollable, ungovernable, out of control.

Usage: Their problems have become more acute and intractable.


12). Delineate (Verb)

Meaning: describe or portray (something) precisely.

Synonyms: describe, set forth, set out, present, outline, depict, portray.

Usage: The law should delineate and prohibit behaviour which is socially abhorrent.


13). Ascetic (adjective)

Meaning: characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.

Synonyms: austere, self-denying, abstinent, abstemious.

Usage: An ascetic life of prayer, fasting, and manual labour.


14). Daunt (verb)

Meaning: make (someone) feel intimidated or apprehensive.

Synonyms: intimidate, abash, take aback, shake, ruffle, throw.

Usage: Some people are daunted by technology.


15). Idyllic (adjective)

Meaning: like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

Synonyms: perfect, ideal, idealized, wonderful, blissful.

Usage: An attractive hotel in an idyllic setting.


16). Burgeon (verb)

Meaning: begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.

Synonyms: grow rapidly, increase rapidly/exponentially, expand.

Usage: Tourism has burgeoned over the last ten years.


17). Anomalous (adjective)

Meaning: deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Synonyms: abnormal, atypical, non-typical, irregular.

Usage: Nuclear weapons testing may have been responsible for the anomalous weather conditions.


18). Friable (adjective)

Meaning: easily crumbled.

Synonyms: crumbly, easily crumbled, powdery, dusty.

Usage: The soil was friable between her fingers.


19). Protean (adjective)

Meaning: tending or able to change frequently or easily.

Synonyms: ever-changing, variable, changeable, mutable, kaleidoscopic.

Usage: The diverse and protean nature of mental disorders.


20). Recondite (adjective)

Meaning: (of a subject or knowledge) little known; abstruse.

Synonyms: obscure, abstruse, arcane, esoteric, little known.

Usage: The book is full of recondite information.

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