Daily Vocabulary Day 8

Daily Vocabulary Update

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71). Abysmal (adjective)

Meaning: extremely bad; appalling

Synonyms: very bad, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful

Usage: some of the teaching was abysmal.


72). Tawdry (adjective)

Meaning: showy but cheap and of poor quality

Synonyms: gaudy, flashy, showy, garish, loud; tasteless

Usage: she had cheap, tawdry rings on her fingers.


73). Dross (noun)

Meaning: something regarded as worthless; rubbish.

Synonyms: rubbish, junk, debris, chaff, draff, detritus

Usage: sometimes it’s possible to find a little gem amongst the mass-produced dross.


74). Ardour (noun)

Meaning: great enthusiasm or passion.

Synonyms: passion, avidity, fervour, zeal, wholeheartedness, eagerness.

Usage: she was unaccustomed to being kissed with such ardour.


75). Insouciant (adjective)

Meaning: showing a casual lack of concern.

Synonyms: nonchalant, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, unconcerned.

Usage: he had an insouciant attitude to their money problems.




76). Dulcet (adjective)

Meaning: (especially of sound) sweet and soothing (often used ironically).

Synonyms: sweet, sweet-sounding, mellifluous, euphonious, soothing, mellow.

Usage: record the dulcet tones of your family and friends.


77). Desiccate (Verb)

Meaning: remove the moisture from (something), typically in order to preserve it.

Synonyms: dried, dried up, dry, dehydrated, powdered.

Usage: We can use the desiccated coconut for cooking.


78). Pellucid (adjective)

Meaning: translucently clear.

Synonyms: translucent, transparent, clear, crystal clear, crystalline.

Usage: mountains reflected in the pellucid waters.


79). Pariah (noun)

Meaning: an outcast.

Synonyms: outcast, persona non grata, leper, reject, untouchable.

Usage: they were treated as social pariahs.


80). Taciturn (adjective)

Meaning: (of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

Synonyms: untalkative, uncommunicative, reticent, unforthcoming, quiet.

Usage: after such gatherings she would be taciturn and morose.

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