Idioms & Phrases

Idioms/phrases are expressions that demonstrate human behaviors, reactions on certain things, social traits, habits, and traditions. The candidates who are aspiring for any of the competitive exam i.e. SSC or IBPS Exams must have an ample knowledge idioms and Phrases to obtain high scores in English Section of any exam. Well, learning idioms and Phrases for Competitive Exams is not a tough task. Any student who has enough know English can understand their meanings easily. Below we have listed a complete list of Idioms and Phrases to help you out in preparing well for the competitive exams.


S. No.ldioms / PhrasesEnglish Meaning
1.A hard nut to crackA difficult problem
2.A thorn in the fleshA constant source of annoyance
3.At one’s beck and callUnder one’s control
4.An acid testA critical test
5.All eye for an eyeTit for tat
6.At onceAt the same time, promptly, instant
7.At homeComfortable
8.All in allMost important
9.Achilles’ heelsA small but fatal weakness
10.Add fuel to fire 
11.An arm chair jobGood income job with high comfort
12.An axe to grindSomething done for selfish reasons
13.An iron willStrong will power
14.An old flameA person, one had a romantic relationship with, in the past.
15.An old head on young shouldersA child or young person who thinks and talks like an older experienced person

An olive branch

16.An olive branchPeace request/ peace treaty
17.Apple of discordMatter of dispute
18.Apple of one’s eyeVery loveable
19.Apple pie orderIn good condition
20.Argued eyesCareful, observant
21.At loseunable to decide
22.At a pinchIn trouble
23.At arm’s lengthAvoid becoming too friendly
24.At daggers drawnTo have bitter enmity
25.At easeFree from pain and anxiety
26.At one’s finger endsTo have complete knowledge, to be expert in
27.At one’s wits endsPuzzled/ confused/ perplexed
28.At sixes and sevensIn disorder
29.At stakeAt risk or insecure
30.At the eleventh hourAt last moment
31.A man of strawA man with no voice or will of his own/ a man of no substance
32.A black sheepAn unlucky person, Bad characters
33.At a snail’s paceVery slowly
34.At loggerIn dispute, to fight
35.All at seaCompletely confused
36.A white elephantAn expensive but useless possession
37.Axe outTo turn out
38.Bring to lightDisclose
39.Bread and butterMaterial welfare
40.By and bySlowly
41.By the virtue ofBy the power of
42.Back stair gossipTalk among servants / unfair talk
43.Back and forthBackward and forward
44.Bad bloodEnmity/ bitter relation, Ill feelings
45.Bad eggsWho behaves in a bad or dishonest way
46.Bag and baggageWith all belongings
47.Back stair influenceBy unfair means
48.Baker’s dozenThirteen in number
49.Bandy wordsTo argue
50.Barefaced liarsShameless liars
51.Be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouthTo be born in a rich family
52.Be in the driving seatBearing all responsibilities
53.Be in the tune withIn agreement or mood
54.Bear the bruntTo bear the main part of something unpleasant
55.Beat about the bushTo talk in a roundabout manner / circumlocution
56..Beat black and blueBeat mercilessly
57Beat the recordTo do better than ever before
58.Beat hollowTo beat thoroughly and convincingly
59.Bed of rosesPleasant situation of comfort
60.Bed of thornsA situation of extremely difficulty
61.Beggar descriptionA person with no source
62.Bell the catTaking first step at personal risk
63.Bend the truthNot to speak the entire truth
64.Between the devil and the deep seaBetween two difficult situation
65.Between Scylla and charybdisBetween two difficult situation
66.Big gunAn influential person
67.Bird of passageOne who comes occasionally
68.Bird’s eye viewOverview
69.Bird’s of featherPeople with the time idea, characteristics interests
70.Bite the dustTo be defeated
71.Black sheepA person who is regarded as disgrace of his family/team etc…
72.Blind alleyA situation in which no further progress
73.Blind dateA meeting  between a girl and a boy, who have not met before
74.Blow one’s own trumpetpraise oneself
75.Blue bloodRoyal or aristocratic descent
76.Blue bookGovernment report
77.Blue stockingEducated but pedantic lady
78.Body and soulEntirely
79.Bolt from the blueUnexpected problem
80.Bone of contentionSubject of a dispute
81.Boon/blessing in disguiseHidden blessing
82.Bosom friendFast friend
83.Brain fedTaught
84.Break the iceBreak the silence /to start a conversation
85.Breathe one’s lastTo pass way/ to die
86.Bring to backTo punish
87.Broad day lightIn day light (when crime cannot be hidden)
88.Broken reedA weak, unreliable person
89.Brown studyA state of deep thought
90.Bull in the china shopOne who is out of place in a dedicated situation
91.Burn a hole in the pocketMoney spend quickly
92.Burn one’s fingerTo get oneself into trouble
93.Burn the candle at both endsTo work very hard and stay very late at night and get up early in the morning
94.Burn one’s boatsGo back on a decision
95.Burn the midnight oilLaboring/ studying late night
96.Burning questionAn important topic, hot issue
97.Bury the hatchetTo end enmity/hostility
98.By fits and startsIrregularly/ sporadic
99.By hook or by crookBy any means, right or wrong
100.By leaps and boundsAt a rapid pace
101.By the skins of one’s teeth/ by a whiskerNarrowly/ by a hair breadth
102.By long addsBy a great difference
103.By the rule of thumbAccording to practical experience
104.Bricks and mortarBuildings
105.Blow hot and coldSupport and oppose
106.Bring homeTo convince
107.Bite one’s lipsControl one’s anger
108.Beat black and blueTo punish severely
109.Bee in one’s bonnetTo be crazy about something
110.Be nipped in the budTo destroy a thing in the very beginning
111.Buy a lemonyTo buy something than is worthless
112.By and largeOn the whole, speaking generally
113.Blow hot and coldTo be irresolute
114.Bear the huntSuffer the most
115.By the strong handBy force
116.Carry the coal to new castleSpending time and energy in doing something that is useless and wastage of
117.Cast pearls before the swineA right thing in a wrong hand
118.Castles in the airDay dream/ a hope or desire unlikely to be realized
119.Cat and dog lifeTroublesome life
120.Catch the tarterTo grapple with an unexpectedly/ to catch a dangerous person
121.Cat’s pawA person used by another as a dupe or tool
122.Chew the cudTo ponder over/ meditate
123.Chest-thumpingThe act or practice of boasting
124.Chicken heartedLacking courage / cowardly
125.Chip of the old blockResembling in one’s parents in habits
126.Clean sweepA complete victory
127.Clip the wingsTo weakent the power
128.Cloven hoofEvil desire
129.Cock and bull storyA concocted story
130.Come off with flying coloursBe highly successful
131.Crocodile tearsAn false display of grief
132.Cross swordsTo quarrel or fight
133.Cry for the moonTo desire the unattainable
134.Cry over spilled milkRegret in vain for what cannot be undone
135.Cut a sorry figureTo give a poor show
136.Cut both waysArgue in favour of both sides
137.Cut no iceTo fail to make an impression
138.Creature comfortsLuxuries
139.Curry favourTo seek to win favour by gifts or flattery
140.Cheek by jowlVery close- intimate
141.Catch a strawTo accept help and support even from the insignificant
142.Cry wolfGo give false alarm
143.Call a spade a spadeResist from making controversial statement, be out spoken in language
144.Cut both endBehave dishonestly
145.Cut the Gordian knotTo short out the problem
146.Clear the decksTo remove obstructions
147.Crust fallenTo be dejected
148.Cock a snookTo show impudent contempt
149.Cook the booksTo record false information in order to steal money or show wrong entry to hide stolen money
150.Cool headTo have a nature of not easily being excited
151.Come a cropperTo fail completely
152.Come back to earthReturn to reality
153.Come home toTo understand
154.Call in questionTo doubt, find fault with
155.Cut a sorry figureNot to leave a good impression
156.Cut one’s coat according to one’s clothTo live within one’s means
157.Dance to one’s tuneObeying one’s order
158.Dark horseOne who wins unexpectedly
159.DaydreamTo think of pleasant thoughts
160.Day in day outFor indefinite number
161.Daylight robberyBlatantly overcharging or removing someone’s money by foul play to deceive someone
162.Dead letterA law or ordinance that is no longer enforced
163.Damocles’ swordConstant threat
164.Die in castOne cannot retreat or change one’s plans
165.Die a dog’s deathTo die a shameful death
166.Die in harnessDie while
167.Doctorate the accountTo manipulate the account
168.Dog in the mangerA person who prevents others from enjoying what he can not
169.Donkey’s yearsA long time
170.Draw a lineSet a limit
171.Duck in a thunder stormIn a painful condition
172.Do a good turnAct of kindness
173.Do away withFinish
174.Dutch courageFalse, sense of bravery brought about by drinking alcohol
175.Damp squibComplete failure
176.Eagle eyed  keen eye sight
177.Eat humble pieTo apologize
178.Eat one’s wordsTake the statement back
179.Eat one’s heart outSuffer silently
180.Elbow roomSufficient scope to move or function
181.End in smokeCome to nothing
182.Escape one’s lipsSpeak unintentionally or unexpectedly
183.Edge outTo push out slowly
184.Egg-onTo instigate to proceed further
185.Eke outSupplement income
186.Ever and anonNow and then
187.Fabian policyDeliberate slow policy/ policy of delaying decisions
188.Face the musicTo accept punishment for something you have done
189.Fair and squareIn an honest way
190.Fair sexWomen
191.Fair weather friendSelfish friend who are with us only in comfortable situations
192.Fancy priceAt any cost/at demanded prices
193.Feather inAdditional success
194.Feather one’s nestTo enrich oneself by taking advantage of one’s position
195.Fight shy ofTo attempt to avoid a thing or person
196.Fighting fitIn good health
197.Field dayA successful or a great day
198.Fish in trouble watersTo take advantages of the problems of others
199.Fish out of waterOut of one’s usual and uncomfortable place
200.Feet of clayHidden faults
201.Fly in the ointmentA light unpleasant thing that obstruct the enjoyment of something
202.Fool’s paradiseA state of being happy for foolish or unfounded reasons
203.For a songA very low price
204.Forty winksA nap
205.French leaveA leave without information or permission
206.Fringe benefitsAn additional benefit apart from salary
207.From hand to mouthProviding only bare essential
208.Flesh and bloodA human being with his natural limitation
209.Full blownFully developed
210.Gala dayCelebration day
211.Get away withTo escape
212.Get down toTo attend to work seriously
213.Get into a soupGet into a trouble
214.Get into hot waterGet into a trouble
215.Get off scot freeTo escape without punishment
216.Get on one’s nervesTo irritate or annoy
217.Get the wind ofTo know the secrets
218.Go the whole hogDo something fully, completely
219.Give up the ghostTo die, stop working, stop doing something
220.Go down well withApplauded by
221.Get the wind upTo be scared
222.Give me a handTo take help
223.Gain groundBecome popular
224.Gribble- gabbleFoolish talk
224.Gift of the gabGive a piece of mind/to talk speaking
225.Go scot freeTo escape from punishment
226.Go through fire and waterTo brave any danger
227.Go the whole hogTo do something thoroughly
228.Go to dogsTo deteriorate/degenerate
229.Go to rack and ruinTo decay or get destroyed
230.Good SamaritanA person who helps and pays sympathy to those in distress
231.Grass widowA woman who is separated, divorced or lives apart from her husband
232.Grease the palmTo bribe
233.Green roomA lounge in a theatre or studio for the performers to get ready
234.Grist to one’sSomething that can be used for one’s advantages
235.Gung hoExtremely excited
236.Halcyons daysPeaceful days
237.Hammer and sickleA symbolic representation of communism in general madman
238.Hammer and tongsTo do something with great energy
239.Hand and glove withIn close co-operation
240.Hang by a threadBe in a risky situation
241.Hard nut to crack mA difficult problem to solve / a person difficult to understand
242.Hard and fast rulesStrict rules
243.Haul over the coalsTo take to task, to reprimand
244.Have a big mouthTo gossips more or tells secret
245.Have fingerTo be involved in something
246.Have one’s hand fullTo be completely occupied
247.Have one’s wayThe way one wants
248.Have several iron in the fireTo be involved in many project or activities at the same time
249.Hem and haw aroundTo be evasive
250.Head onIn a very direct manner
251.Heart bleedFeel genuine sympathy for someone
252.Hen-pecked husbandAdmirer of one’s own wife in a servile manner
253.Herculean taskTask requiring tremendous effort
254.Heart in the right placeGood natured
256.High and dryIn a deprived situation (alone)
257.High handOverbearing
258.High livingLiving with comfort and ease
259.Hit below the beltTo strike unfairly
260.Hit the jackpotGaining a big/ great success (specially by luck)
261.Hit the nail on the headTo do the right thing at the right time
262.Hobson’s choiceNo alternatives
263.Hole and corner policySecret policy
264.Hold no waterNot correct or true
265.Hold someone to leashTo restrain
266.Hoping against hopeWithout hope
267.Hue and cryAny loud public outcry
268.Hush moneyMoney given to someone to keep something secret
269.Hush – hushVery secret
270.In a fixIn difficulty
271.In a flutterExcited
272.In a wayHopeful
273.In cahootsTo conspiracy with someone
274.In no timeVery quickly indeed
275.In  a fogConfused, not able to understand
276.In a nutshellIn very brief form
277.In black and whiteIn printed or written form
278.In full swingAt the height of activity
279.In the bluesIn dumps depressed
280.In the long runUltimately
281.In the nick of the timeAt the last possible moment
282.In the same boatSharing the same problems
283.In vogueIn the current fashions
284.Ins and outsIntricacies or complications / full detail
285.Iron hand/ iron fistRigorous control
286.Itching palmCraving forbribe
287.Itsy bitsyVery small or tiny
288.Jack of all trades and master of noneA person knows many different kinds of work but is a master of none
289.Jail wordA person who is or has been confined in jail
290.Jaundice eyeTo look at a conclusion prematurely
291.Kangaroo’s courtIllegal court
292.Keep one’s cards close to one’s chestHiding something
293.Keep ones eye on the ballBe ready for something
294.Keep one’s finger crossesTo wait expectantly
295.Keep one’s wordTo keep one’s promises
296.Keep the ball rollingTo maintain the progress of a project or plan
297.Keep one’s pot boilingEarn hardly enough for living
298.Keep someone under thumbTo keep someone under one’s control
299.Keep the wolf from the doorTo avert poverty/ starvation
300.Kill two birds with one stoneDoing two things at the same time whileeffort is made for one
301.Kith and kinBlood relation/Nepotism
302.Knit one’s browTo frown
303.Lady’s manA man who is fond of the company of women
304.Lame excuseFalse excuse/baseless excuse
305.Latin and greekUnable to understand
306.Left-handed complementAn insult disguise as a compliment
307.Lion’s shareLarge part
308.Live in an ivory towerLiving in comfort and being unaware of realities of other’s miseries
309.Live wireEnergetic
310.Loaves and fishesMaterial benefit
311.Look of coloursLook ill or unhealthy
312.Look through coloured glassesTo see with different
313.Lady killerMan who is very attractive to women
314.Laying offDismissal from jobs of
315.Laugh one’s head offLaugh heartily
316.Laughing stockOne who is ridiculed
317.Lump in the throatA tight or uncomfortable feeling in throat due to emotions
318.Mad as a march hareCrazy and insane
319.Make a clean breast ofTo tell the truth about something especially something bad or illegal you have done or you do not
320.Make up one’s mindDecide
321.Maiden nameA woman’s surname before marriage
322.Maiden speechFirst speech
323.Make a hashTo mess up
324.Make a mountain out of a mole hillTo exaggerate a minor difficulty
325.Make both ends meetTo live within one’s means
326.Make hay while the sun shinesTo take the benefit of an opportunity
327.Make or marTo make or destroy
328.Make the best of both the worldsGetting benefited from both the sides
329.Make a dry faceTo show disappointment
330.Make a bee line forTo go directly towards something
331.Make a clean breast ofTo confess without resource
332.Make up one’s mindTo decide
333.Man of meansA wealthy man
334.Man of ironMan with strong will-power
335.Man of letterLearned person
336.Man of partsA man of qualities
337.Man of spiritA man full of enthusiasm
338.Man of strawA weak person or idea that is easy to defeat
339.Man of the worldAn experienced person
340.Man of wordTrue to one’s word or promises
341.Man of GodA male priest
342.Match made in heavenA happy and harmonious marriage or partnership
343.Mare’s nestA false invention/rumour
344.Mealy mouthedSoft-spoken
345.Midas touchA man with extraordinary powers
346.Mince mattersTo moderate or restrain one’s language
347.Mind one’s P’s and Q’sTaking care of behaviour properly
348.Miss the beatTo lose an opportunity
349.Monkey aroundTo waste time here and there
350.Mother witCommon sense
351.Move heaven and earthTry one’s best
352.Make one’s markBecome famous, well known
353.Milk of human kindnessGood feelings towards others
354.Made of moneyVery wealthy
355.Man of/in the streetOrdinary, average person
356.Make head or tailUnderstand
357.Meet one’s waterlooMake one feel terrified, horrified
358.Much cry and little woolLots of fanfare for something which have very little importance
360.Narrow escape / close shaveTo escape by a little margin
361.Neck and cropCompletely
362.Nig-nagA noun used to address someone (with jock and furnace)
363.Nine day’s wonderSomething that arouses great interest but for a very short period
364.Not bat an eyelidNot to show any shock, worry or surprise
365.Null and voidIneffective
366.Nurse and grudgeBear resentment for long period
367.Oily tongueFlattering words
368.Old flames die hardDifficult to forget old things
369.On one’s guardVigilant, careful
370.On one’s last legsClose to collapsing
371.Once for allFor the last time / conclusively
372.Out of sortsUnwell, slightly ill
373.Out of the questionImpossible
374.Out of the wayStrange
375.Out of the woodFree from difficulties and danger
376.Once in a blue moonVery seldom
377.Once and for allWith finality
378.Open questionA question which may have more than one answer
379.Open secretThat many people know about but that is supposed to be a secret
380.Palmy daysProsperous / affluent days
381.Pandora’s boxA source of extensive but unforeseen troubles
382.Part and parcelInseparable part
383.Past masterAn expert
384.Pay off old scoresTake revenge
385.Pay the piperTo bear the cost of something/some service rendered
386.Pay through his noseTo pay dearly
387.Penny wise pound foolishCareful about trifles but wasteful in large venture
388.Pin one’s earsback Listen carefully
389.Pick someone’s brainsTo ask someone for advice, suggestions and information about, something they know about
390.Pick up the gauntletTo accept the challenge
391.Pied PiperA leader who makes irresponsible promises
392.Play duck and drakesTo waste money
393.Play second fiddleTo be at a subordinate position
394.Play truantTo be absent from duty without permission
395.Poison someone earsTo speak against one to another
396.Poke one’s noseTo interfere
397.Past masterAdept/ skilled
398.Pour oil on troubled waterTo pacify the matters
399.Pros and consTo evaluate the advantages and disadvantages
400.Pull one’s legsTo make fun of or to tease
401.Pull the wool over somebody’s eyesTo mislead/Cheat


402.Pull a long faceLook gloomy
403.Put a spoke in one’s wheelTo obstruct the execution of the
404.Put in cold storageTo keep a work pending
405.Put one’s foot downTo act fiemly
406.Put one’s shoulders to the wheelTo work or exert oneself heavily
407.Put the cart before the horseTo do things wrongly
408.Put the cat among pigeonsTo say/do something that causes trouble or make many angry
409.Quarrel with one’s bread and butterTo fight with the executive or employer, who is providing one’s means of living
410.Queer fishStrange person
411.Quite the thing  Fashinable, in fashion
412.Quits withEven with, revenged on
413.Rain cats and dogsRain very heavily
414.Rank and fileOrdinary persons
415.Rainy dayFuture time of need, especially financial need
416.Read between the linesTo understand the hidden meaning
417.Red carpetTo give special welcome to someone
418.Red handedExactly while committing a crime or doing something wrong
419.Red herringSomeone to distract attention
420.Red letter dayA memorably important or happy occasion
421.Red tapismStrict adherence to excessive paper work and official formalities
422.Rest on one’s laurelsDepending on the achievement made in the past
423.Rhyme or reasonSense, logic or meaning
424.Right hand manOne’s most supporter person
425.Rock the boatTo disturb a situation which was otherwise stable
426.Rolling stoneA restless person
427.Royal roadAn easy or direct way of achieving a desired result
428.Rule the roostTo dominate
429.Run amuckMade with murderous frenzy
430.Run into the sandTo fail to achieve a result
431.Run of the millAverage / common
432.Run the gauntletTo go through an unpleasant experience
433.Root and branchCompletely
434.Sail under false coloursTo pretend to be something that you are not
435.Save one’s skinTo save oneself
436.See eye to eyeShowing agreement/to agree
437.See pink elephantAny visual hallucination arising due to intoxication
438.See redBe very angry
439.See throughComprehend
440.Seem side of lifeImmoral side of society
441.Send shivers down the spineTo make someone feel very frightened
442.Set at naughtTo disregard or treat as of no importance
443.Set one’s face againstTo oppose with determination
444.Set one’s heart onTo have as one’s ambition to obtain something
445.Set one’s teeth on edgeTo irritate or annoy someone
446.Set someone by earsTo incite people
447.Set the Thames on fireTo achieve something amazing
448.Shoulder to shoulderWith united effort
449.Show white featherTo show cowardice
450.Sine dieIndefinitely
451.Sitting ducksDefenceless and easy prey
452.Sit on the fenceRefuse to take side in a dispute
453.Slip of the tongueSpoken unintentionally
454.Slow coachA person with lazy approach of working
455.Small fryInsignificant person
456.Smell a ratTo suspect something wrong done
457.Smooth sailingEasy progress 
458.Snake in the grassA secret enemy
459.Shake in the shoesA tremble with fear or apprehension
460.Show the dragon’s teethTo create future trouble for yourself or others
461.Show a clean pair of healsRun away
462.Speak one’s mindSpeak what one really thinks
463.Spick and spanIn order/neat and clean
464.Stand bySupport
465.Stand on one’s legsTo be self dependent
466.Stand/stick to one’s gunsTo be strict and determined
467.State somebody in good steadTo be of great use and benefit to someone
468.Steal a marchTo obtain an advantage by secret means
469.Steal the marchTo go ahead secretly
470.Step into another’s shoesTo take over a job/responsibility of some other person
471.Stiff-necked personStubborn or arrogant
472.Stir a fingerMaking effort
473.Stone’s throwVery near
474.Street ArabsA homeless person (especially who survive by begging)
475.Sum and substanceMain idea or gist
476.Swan songThe last ceremony or farewell
477.Sweat of one’s browHard labour
478.Swelled headGrand opinion of oneself/conceited
479.Sworn enemyPeople enemies
480.Sang froidComposer
481.Spilling the beansReveal the information indiscreetly
482.Set the record lightGive the correct account
483.Safe and soundQuite well
484.Salad daysAdolescence
485.Shake a legTo go fast, hurry
486.Spread like wild fireSpread quickly
487.Sweet of the browHard labour
488.Take away one’s breathTake by storm
489.Take by stormTo surprise unexpectedly
490.Take into accountTo consider
491Take one at one’s wordTo be convinced of one’s sincerity and act in accordance with his /her statement
492.Take the bull by the hornsTo adopt the most direct but the most dangerous way of facing a difficulty
493.Take to one’s heelsTo run away
494.Take up armsTo fight
495.Take lyingdown Accept insult
496.Talk bigTo boast or brag
497.Talk of the townTo be the person or subject everyone is taling about it
498.The printer’s devilsError in printing
499.Think twice  To consider carefully before deciding
500.Tight cornerIn a difficult situation
501.The forth estateThe press
502.Thick-skinned personNot easily offended, insensitive
503.Through thick and thinIn good and bad times
504.Throw cold waterTo criticise or stop someone from doing something that he is enthusiastic about
505.Throw down the gauntletTo challenge
506.Tooth and nailTo violently
507.Toil and moilHard lbour
508.True to one’s saltLoyal person
509.Turn a deaf ear toNot to pay attention to
510.Turn his headTo make  person to feel too proud in a way that other people find annoying
511.Turn one’s coatTo change one’s party
512.Turn out toTo be found to be
513.Turn over a new leafTo be entirely changed (for good)
514.Turn the cornerTo pass through a critical point in a process
515.Turn turtleTo overturn
516.Turn the tableTurn the situation completely
517.Turn up her nose atTo reject, dismiss scornfully
518.Throw out of gearDisturb the work
519.Take to one’s heelsRun away
520.To go the whole hogTo do complete
521.Time and tideCourse of time
522.The long and short ofIn brief
523.Throw a spannerTo sabotage a plan
524.Through down the gauntletTo challenge
525.To allow the grass to grow  under one’s feetTo be lazy
526.To crow overTriumph over someone
527.To be above boardTo be honest in any business deal
528.To blow a fuseTo turn someone angry
529.To be on apexTo be at highest point
530.To be on one’s mindTo worry about something
531.To beat a hasty retreatGo away hurriedly
532.To blow one’s stack up/below a fuse/gasketTo lose one’s temper, become extremely angry
533.Take your medicineTo the consequences of something you have done wrong
534.To curry favourTo win favour of
535.To make head or tail ofBe able to understand at all
536.To leave someone in the lurchTo desert someone in his difficulties
537.To join forcesJoin together, become united
538.To kick off a rowRaise dispute
539.To move heaven and earthTo do all possible effort
540.To many irons in the fireTo be involved in several activites
541.To play a second fiddleTo be in a subordinate position
542.To sow the wind and reap the whirlwindTo start some kind of trouble that grows much larger that one has planned
543.Turn a blind eyeTo ignore intentionally
544.To laugh in or up one’s sleevesTo Be secretly amused
545.Take one to taskRebuke, scold, castigate
546.Turn a deaf earDisregard / ignore what one says
547.Turn up one’s nose atTo take lightly with contempt
548.Under a cloudUnder suspicious
549.Under the nose ofTo Right in front of someone
550.Under the roseSecretly
551.Under the thumb ofUnder the power influence of
552.Up and doingActive in work
553.Up one’s sleevesAn item kept hidden and used whenever required
554.Uphill taskDifficult task
555.Upon one’s sweet willOneself desire or wish
556.Ups and downsGod and bad times
556.Upset the apple cartTo create difficulty
557.Up and doingActive
558.Utopian schemeA visionary scheme though impractical
560.Vexed questionMuch debated and discussed
561.Wake up callAlarm of danger
562.Wash dirty linen in publicTo expose private affair in public
563.Wash hand ofTo have nothing to do
564.Weal and woeJoy and sorrow, prosperity and adversity
565.Wear a long faceTo look gloomy
566.Weather the stormSurvive by coming out of difficulties
568.Wet behind the earsInexperienced
569.Wet blanketOne who spoil the enjoyment
570.Wheels within wheelsA series of intricately connected events
571.White elephantExpensive but no use
572.White lieA minor lie
573.When the crunch comeThe moment of decision
574.Will  the wispElusive / unreal
575.Wild goose chaseUseless effort
576.WindfallSudden gain received unexpectedly
577.Winning spreeOutburst of an activity
578.Win laurelsTo win honours
579.With a grain of saltTo accept with misgiving
580.With a high handOppressively
581.With one accord\in on voice Unanimously
582.With open armsWith happiness
583.With one accord/in one voiceUnanimously
584.Without rhyme or reasonWithout any justification
585.Wolf in sheep’s clothA malicious person in harmless or benevolent disguise
586.Word for wordIn exactly the same word
587.Word of mouthInformal oral communication
588.Wry faceDisappointed look
589.Yeoman’s serviceExcellent work
590.Zip your lipsTo shut up or keep quiet about something
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