One Word Volume 1


S. No.WordMeaning in English
1.AmbidextrousEqually skilful with each hand
2. Alimony


An allowance made to a wife by her husband when they are legally separated
3.AnecdoteA short but amusing story
4.AnteroomA large entrance or reception room or area
5.AnodyneMedicine which lessens pain
6AddictedOne who has become dependent on something or drugs
7.AdamantVery hard native crystal of carbon
8.AmoralLacking any sense of moral standards or principles
9.ArchiveA building where government/public records are kept
10.AmphibianOperating or living on land and in water
11.AmbiguousCapable of being understood in either of two or more possible sense
12.AspirantA person who has ambition for fame
13.ArchaeologyStudy of ancient things like tombs, buried towns
14.ArcherA person who shoots with a bow and arrows
15.ArchitectA person who designs buildings and also supervises their construction
16.Antitheist or AtheistOne who does not believe in god’s existence

A plant that grows in water

17.AntipathyStrong dislike between two persons.
18.ArdentFull of zeal
19.ArchipelagoSea with a group of many islands
20.AffirmDeclare positively that something is true.
21.AmnesiaPartial or total loss of memory.
22.Arbitrator/mediatorOne appointed by two parties to settle disputes between them
23.AssentOfficial agreement to a proposal
24.AstronautOne who physically travels in space
25.AgnosticOne who believes that nothing can be said about god
26.AquaticA plant that grows in water
27.AviaryPlace where birds are kept
28.AnarchistOne who plans to destroy all Governments
29.AdulteryWoman who has extra marital relationship
30.AsepticLeading a life of self discipline
31.AntiquatedA person behind time
32.ArsenalPublic building where weapons are made and stored
33.AbrogateTo do away with a rule
34.AestheticsThe study of the nature of beauty
35.BigotA person who holds an opinion or belief strongly in defiance of reason of arguments
36.BrigandMember of a band of robbers
37.BelfryPart of a church in which bells are hung
38.ByrePlace where cows are sheltered
39.BalladPoem narrating a popular story
40.BohemianOne who does not follow the usual rules of social life
41.Bankrupt/ insolventA person who is unable to pay his debt
42.BenignTumor which is not likely to spread, pleasant or beneficial in nature or influence, harmless, innocent
43.BilingualPeople who speak two languages
44.Bigamy/PolygamyThe state of having two or more wives or husbands at a time
45.BurglarOne who breaks out into a house to steal
46.BureaucracyThe rule of officials
47.BiographyLife-history of a person written by another
48.BipedAn animal with two feet
49.BovineThat which looks like a cow
50.BiopsyA test in which cells from diseased organs are removed and tested
51.BowerA shady place under trees
52.BrilliantOf outstanding significance
53.CarnivorousOne who eat flesh
54.ContemporaryBelonging to the same period
55.CrematoriumA place where dead bodies are burns and reduce to ashes
56.ConscientiousGovern by a scene of duty
57.ConcubinageLiving together of a man and woman without being married to each other
58.Connoisseurawait An expert able to appreciate a field, especially in fine art
59.CredibleThat which can be believe
60.CredulousOne who believes easily whatever said to him
61.Cavalier/jockeyPerson who is skilled in horsemanship
62.CavalierGiven to haughty disregard of others
63.ConsultantA person who gives expert advice in business
64.Conscious /awareAwake to what is going on.
65.ChronologicalAccording to sequence of time
66.ChauffeurA person who is paid to drive a privately owned car
67.CapitalismEconomic structure organized and controlled by capitalists
68.CompensateGive something to make up somebody’s loss
69.CarnageKilling of a large number of people especially in war
70.CorseletA piece of armour covering the breast
71.CraftsmanSkilled works man who practices a craft
72.CrippleA person who is unable to walk or move properly
73.CosmopolitanA man who is broad and international in outlook
74.CensusOfficial counting of the population
75.CalligraphyThe art of science of beautiful handwriting
76.CongregationAn assembly of worshippers
77.ContractMake or become smaller or shorter in length or size
78.CemeteryA tract of land used for burial
79.CrematoryA furnace Where a corpse can be burned and reduce to ashes
80.ConfiscateTo officially take private property away to seize
81.ChapelSmall room for Worship
82.CanineThat which looks like a dog
83.CondominiumA country ruled by two countries
84.ContinentOne of the large landmasses of the earth
85.CustodianCare taker of a public building
86.CuckoldMan whose wife has been unfaithful to him
87.ConservativeA person who is against to change
88.CargoThe goods carried by a ship, plane or vehicle
89.DiplomacyThe art practiced b statesman or politics
90.DufferSlow witted person
91.DellA small valley
92.DemographyStudy of population.
93.DruggistA person who is qualified to prepare and sell drugs
94.DrunkardA person Who is in the habit of drinking
95.DomicilePlace Where a person lives permanently
96.Decree/verdictJudgment of a law court
97.DeteriorateTo go from bad to Worse.
98.DerelictA person Without a home, job or property
99.DynastySuccession of ruler belonging to one family
100.DialogueA conversation between two people/ the line spoken by the Character in a play or drama
101.DeviousIndirect in departing from the accepted or proper way misleading

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