One Word Volume 1

102.DubiousOpen to doubt or suspicion
103.DroughtDry weather where on rainfall
104.DykeA Wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area
105.DeployTo spread troops for battle
106.DeportSend unwanted person out of the country, exile
107.EccentricA man of odd habits
108.ExcursionShort journey made by a group of persons together
109.ElegyPoem written on the death of someone loved and lost
110.EffeminateMan having the qualities of woman
111.EuthanasiaThing that bring gentle and painless death from incurable death
112.EloquencePersuasive and fluent speech
113.EpistleA verse letter
114.EscapismTendency to escape from hard realities.
115.EntomologyStudy of insects
116.ErrLiable to error
117.EpithetA defamatory or abusive Word or phrase
118.EpigraphA quotation at the beginning of some piece of Writing
119.EpitaphA summary statement of commemoration for a dead person
120.EdictA formal or authoritative proclamation
121.EpilogueA short speech address directly to the audience by an actor at the end of play
122.EmbankmentLong artificial mound of stone to hold back water or to support a road as protection
123.ExplicableCapable of being explicated
124.EradicateTo root out an evil or a bad practice etc
125.EpicureanA person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (specially

good food or drink)

126.ExtemporeSpeech made without preparation
127.EthnologyScience of the races of mankind and their relation
128.EcologyA scientific study of the relationship between plants and their environment
129.ExploreTravel into a country for the purpose of leaming about it
130.ExtricateFree from difficulties
131.EmigrantOne who leaves one’s country in order to settle permanently in others
132.EmpiricA person who relies on experiment or observation
133.EthicsThe study of moral values
134.Foster childA child brought up by person who are not his parents
135.FortnightA period of fourteen days
136.FableAn animal story with a moral
137.FamineA dreadful shortage of food
138.FelonySerious crime like murder
139.FatalistOne who believes in fate
140.FraudAct of deceiving somebody in order to make money
141.FeasibleCapable of being done with means at hand and circumstance as they are
142.FelicitateCongratulate somebody in formal manner
143.ForgeryDealing of counterfeit things
144.GarrulousA person who talks too much
145.GenocideThe deliberate murder of a whole community or race
146.GangsterThe member of a gang of armed criminals
147.GratisWithout payment or free of cost.
148.GeneticsThe study of heredity
149.GlossaryList of explanation of words
150.GroanA deep sound made by someone in pain
151.GeniusA child of unusual or remarkable talent
152.GladeOpen space in a forest
153.GaviourPerson who rescues somebody from sins
154.GullibleA person who is easily be fooled
155.HerbivorousOne who vegetarian
156.HostessA woman who entertains guests
157.HypeExcessive publicity, To advertize
158.HedonistOne who believes that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life
159.HenpeckedA man who dances to the tunes of his wife
160.HonoraryAn office for which no salary is paid
161.HolocaustLarge scale destruction by fire
162.HeathA flat Waste land
163.HymnA religious song
164.HermaphroditeCreature having both male and female organs
165.HarangueLoud talk or speech
166.HaremPlace where women dwelled (Ancient time)
167.HowdahSeat on elephant’s back
168.HygienistA person who is very careful about his health
169.IgnitionMechanism for starting combustion in cylinder of motor engine
170.InnovatorA person who introduce new things / chances
171.IrritableEasily made angry
172.InvulnerableImmune to attack; impregnable
173.InterludeInterval between two events
174.InnPlace which provides both board and lodging
175.InvoiceList of goods with their price
176.InnocuousNot injurious to physical or mental health
177.InstigateTo urge a man to do some evil
178.InternmentDetaining and confining someone
179.IncarnationChanging of magic spells
180.ImbroglioA confused, complicated or embarrassing situation
181.InheritanceProperty handed down after the death of a person, heritage
182.IconoclastOne Who break the establishment of tradition and image
183.Inauguralspeech The lecture of a function for introduction
184.IncredulousNot disposed or Willing to believe, unbelieving
185.InundationA rising of a body of Water
186.InvocationA prayer asking god’s help as a part of religious Service


187.InvolutionReduction in size of an organ / the act of sharing in the activities
188.ImmortalA person of enduring fame / not subject to death
189.ImpurityWithout risk of punishment
190.InfallibleIncapable of failure or error
191..IsthmusA relatively narrow strip of land (With Water both side) Connecting two larger areas
192.IntangibleIncapable of being touched or seen
193.InevitableIncapable of being avoided or presented
194.IntelligentsiaIntelligent and educated class of society
195.IneradicableThat which cannot be rooted out
196.ItineraryA film or illustrative lecture on travelling
197.InstigateTo urge a man to do some evil
198.ImperialismPolicy of extending a countries and influence
199.InflammableA thing which catches fire easily
200.IlliterateA person who cannot read or Write

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