One Word Volume 1

201.InsolubleA problem which cannot be solved
202.IrrelevantNot be the point
203.IllegalForbidden or prohibited by law
204.InexcusableIncapable of being justified or excused
205.IncorrigibleOne Who cannot be corrected
206.ImmortalOne Who cannot die
207.IdeologyManner of thinking of a person
208.Inexplicable/UnaccountableThat cannot be explained or accounted for
209.IndispensableThat cannot be done Without
210.InaudibleThat cannot be heard
211.ImpracticableThat cannot be put into practice
212.IllegibleA Writing that cannot be read
213.InnocentNot guilty of a crime or sin
214.JargonLanguage difficult to understand
215.KindergartenSchool for infants and children age of 4 to 6 to prepare them for primary school
216.LicentiousLacking moral discipline; especially sexually unrestrained
217.LavatoryRoom with toilet facilities
218.LegitimateResponsible according to law
219.LegacyProperty given by father / a gift of personal property
220.LearA sly look that is lustful
221.LegibleHandwriting that can be easily read
222.LegendAn old story handed down from the past
223.MonarchThe rule of a queen/king
224.MementoSomething kept as a reminder
225.MassacreCruel and indiscriminate killing of a large number of human beings
226.ManualA book of instructions
227.MisanthropistOne Who hates mankind
228.MisogynistOne Who hates Women
229.MisogymistOne Who hates marriage
230.Maiden/SpinsterYoung and unmarried girl/Woman
231.MuseumBuilding in which historical things are kept
232.MisoneistA person who hates new things
233.MortuaryA place where dead bodies are kept
234.MonasteryA building of circular shape
235.Maiden speechThe first public speech delivered by a person
236.MoresCustoms and habits of a particular group
237.MonologueSpeech makes itself / a long boring speech
238.MoralThe significance of a story or event
239.MortalCapable of causing death
240.Masquedramatic performance
241.MatinsMorning prayer
242.ManuscriptPaper written in one’s own handwriting
243.MalapropismRidiculous use of words
244.NepotismFavouring own kith and kin
245.Nemesispunishment for wrong doing
246.NostalgiaLonging for something
247.NooseLoop of rope is called
248.NeologyUsing of new words
249.NefariousExtremely wicked, villainous
250.NarcissistSomeone in love with themselves
251.NumismatistOne who collects coins
252.NomenclatureA system of naming things
253.NoxiousThe thing which is harmful and poisonous
254.NotoriousA person who has an evil reputation
255.OasisA small fertile or green area in a desert region
256.ObituaryNotice of the death of a person
257.OmniscientOne who claims to know everything
258.OmnipotentOne who has total power
259.OmnipresentOne who present everywhere
260.OpaqueNot allowing light to pass through
261.OptimistOne who looks at the bright side of things
261.OrphanA child whose parents are dead
263.OstelogyThe study of the bones
264.OrthographyScience of correct pronunciation
265.ObsoleteNo longer in use
266.OctogenarianA person of eighty years of age
267.Ocean logyStudy of ocean and ocean phenomena
268.OrnithologistSomeone who scientifically studies the birds
269.OmnivorousOne who eats everything
270.OrthodoxA person holding conventional beliefs specially in matters of religion
271.PolytheismBelief in many Gods
272.PhotosynthesisProcess by which green plants make food from organic compounds from water and carbon dioxide in the presence of light
273.PhilosophyThe study of truth and knowledge
274.PatronA person who helps others by giving them monetary help and encouragement
275.PrologueAn introduction lecture such as a play
276.PrimitiveA person who belongs to early age of civilization
277.ProbableHaving a high chance to be true or real
278.PacifistA person who believes in the total abolition of war
279.PhilatelistOne who collects postage stamps
280.PensiveDeep in thoughts
281.PhilistineOne indifferent to art or literature
282.ProfileGeneral view of a person’s character
283.PhilanthropisOne who love human kind
284.PandemoniumWild and noisy disorder
285.PioneerOne who leads in any field
286.PromptDone without delay
287.PhrenologyA branch of medical science that deal with nose and it’s disease
288.PaleontologyStudy of fossils
289.PerquisiteA emolument over and above fixed income or salary
290.ParasiteOne who lives/ survive on other/others lives
291.PsychopathologyThe study of mental disease
292PathologyThe study of the disease
293.PedanticA style in which a writer display off his knowledge
294.PropensityHaving natural tendency to something
295.PosthumousChild born after the death of its father
296.PalpableThing that can be felt or touched
297.PlagiarismStealing from the writings of others
298.PedestrianOne who walks
299.PessimistOne who looks at the dark side of things
300.PerspicaciousQuick to judge and understand

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