One Word Volume 1

301.PhilomuseA person who loves art
302.PostmortemMedical Examination of a body
303.PornographyTreatment of obscene subjects in writing, painting etc
304.PrivilegeRight or advantage available to a person
305.Processionnumber of people proceeding together in an orderly way
306.Prodigy/ Marvel / PortentA person of remarkable talent
307.PhilandererOne who flirts with ladies
308.ProdigyA remarkable talent
309.PeerEqual in rank, to gaze at
310.PalatableFood agrees with one’s taste
311.ParodyFunny imitation of a poem
312.ParableTo explain a spiritual truth
313.PiggybackRide on someone else’s back
314.PiggybankA child’s coin bank (often shaped like a pig)
315.QuadrupedAn animal with four feet
316.QuestTry to search for something
317.QuotationA passage often quoted
318.Red-tapismToo much official formalities
319.RevocationThe state of being cancelled or annulled
320.ReticentTemperamentally disinclined to talk
321.ReticuleA woman’s drawstring handbag usually made of net used in 18th and 19th century
322.RidiculeLanguage or behavior intended to humiliate
323.RegistrarA person who keeps records or registers in a university or town council
324.ReciteTo say aloud from memory
325.ReciprocityPractice of give and take
326.RebateReduction in a tax or debt
327.RespiteTime of relief or rest
328.RelapseFall into a former state
329.RebelA person who takes arms against the government of his own country
330.SamaritanA person who helps a stranger or a helpless person in


331.ScandalTalk that bring bad reputation to somebody
332.ShrewdA man who is quarrelsome, noisy and nagging
333.SinecureAn office which has no work but high salary
334.Savagescrime Wild people belonging to an uncivilized, undeveloped tribe or group
335.SurveyorA person whose occupation is to survey lands or buildings
336.StationersA person who sells writing materials
337.SculptorA person who carves out figures
338.ScaffoldPlatform on which criminals are executed
339.SubmergePut under the surface of water.
340.SpiritualismRelief that the only reality in the world is spirit
341.SecularismView that education and other matters should be divorced from religion
342.ShrewAn ill-tempered woman
343.SurreptitiousOne who done stealthily
344.SeverTo something into two pieces
345.SevereExtremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality
346.StoicismIndifferent to pleasure or pain
347.SecularA government in which all religions are honored
348.SporadicOccurring at irregular intervals in time
349.SonnetA poem of fourteen lines
350.StaleA thing or food which is not fresh
351.SomniloquistOne who talks while sleep
352.SomnambulistOne who walks in sleep
353.SticklerA person who insists on something
354.SterilizeTo free anything from germs, Make free from bacteria
355.SterileIncapable of reproducing, Deficient in originality or


356.SculleryA place of washing dishes adjoining kitchen
357.StubShort remaining end of cigarette
358.StrollShort walk for pleasure or exercise
359.ShuttleGo back and forth
360.SanctuaryA shelter from danger or hardship, A consecrated place where sacred objects or animals are kept
361.TangibleThings that can be seen and touched
362.TrilogyGroup of three novels
363.Topiaryof cutting tree and bushes into ornamental shape
364.TenantA person Who pays a rent for the use of a room, house or land
365.TheistOne who believes in God
366.TruantA student who is absent Without permission
367.TelepathyPower of reading thoughts of others
368.TravelogueDetail planned of a journey
370.TaxidermyThe art of preserving skin of animals, birds, fish
371.TelescopeInstrument for viewing objects at a distance
372.ToxicologyStudy of poisons
373.Teetotalerperson who abstains forms all kinds of alcoholic drinks
374.TobacconistA person who sells tobacco
375.UnanimousA decision taken by the votes of all
376.UnpleasantDisagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings
377.TurbulentIncluding much disorder
378.VersatileOne who possess many talent
379.VeteranLong experience of any occupation
380.VindictiveOne who is revengeful
381.VulpineThat which looks like a fox
382.VulnerableOpen to injure or criticism
383.Verbose/superfluousUsing more words than needed
384.ViragoAn abusive woman
385.VegetarianOne who eats only vegetables
386.VenialOne who can be excused, excusable
387.VacillationChange one’s mind too quickly
388.WindfallUnexpected stroke of good luck
389.WhisperSpeak in a very low tone
390.WidowerA man whose Wife is dead
391.WidowA lady whose husband is dead
392.WitchA woman supposed to have magic powers, usually to do evil
393.WagA jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotes
394.WagesPayment of work done especially foe labour of mechanical kind
395.WithholdStand, refuge to give up
396.XantippeA quarrelsome Woman

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