One Word Volume 2



S. No.WordMeaning in English
1.AffableDiffusing warmth and friendliness
2.ArsonistA person who deliberately sets fire to a building
3.AnimatedObjects having life in them
4.AmazonA warlike or masculine woman  (female warrior)
5.AliasName by which a person is called at other times or a other place (False name)
6.AmbivertOne who turns thoughts both inwards and outwards
7.AsterA flower which is star shaped
8.AbattoirPlace where animals are killed for food
9.AbbotA man who is the head of a monastery
10.AbbreviationA shortened form of a word or phrase
11.AbdicationTo formally give up
12.AblutionRitual washing of the body
13.AbstruseHard to understand
14.AbundanceA quantity that is more than enough
15.AccentuateGive more force or importance to
16.AccompliceHelper in a wrong deed or crime
17.AcronymWord formed from initial letters of a name
18.AddendumThing to be added at the end of a book, etc
19.AdvertisementA public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc
20.AfforestationThe act of forestation by painting many trees
21.AgendaItems of business for consideration at a meeting
22.AggressorSomeone who attacks first
23.AgnosticismDoubtful about the existence of God
24.AlienOne who belongs to different country, race of group
25.AllegoryStory in which ideas are symbolized as people
26.AlliterationCommencement of adjacent words with the same letter
27.AltruistOne who lives and works for the welfare of others
28.AmateurLacking pro fissional skill or expertise
29.AmnestyA general pardon of political offenders
30.AmphitheatreA designated section of seats in any part of a theater
31.AnalgesiaThe loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious
32.AnarchistOne who wishes to destroy all established government’s law and order
33.AnarchyThe absence of government in a country
34.AnecdoteShort amusing story about some real person or event
35.AnomalyDeviation or departure from common rule or standard or what is normal
36.AnonymousA book or a work of art whose author is not known
37.AntagonistOne that opposes other
38.AntidoteA medicine to cure the effect of poison
39.AphasiaLoss of ability to understand speech
40.ApostateOne who abandons his religious faith
41.ArmisticeThe cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed
42.AsceticsOne who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline
43.AstrologyScience of the influence of the stars on human affairs
44.AvariciousOne who is greedy
45.BondAgreement or engagement that a person is bound to observe
46.BraggartA vain, boasting fellow
47.BelligerentOne Who is engaged in fighting
48.BierA stand to support a corpse or a coffin prior to burial
49.Banalperson who is talking in hackneyed phraseology
50.BeverageAny type of drink except Water
51.BaconSalted or smoked meat from the back or sides of a pig
52.Baby-sisterA person who looks after a child for a short time while the parents are out
53.Baby minderA scene of noisy talking and confusing
54.BarbarismState of being uncivilized, ignorant or rude
55.BachelorhoodA state of being unmarried (of a man)
56.Bay, gulfA part of the sea/Lake in closed by a wide curve of the shore
57.BeachA stretch of sand/stone along the edge of the sea
58.BellicoseA person who is fond of fighting
59.BenefactorOne who gives financial help to a school /hospital
60.BiennialThat which happen once in two years
61.BigotOne who is filled with narrow and prejudice opinion
62.BilingualOne who can speak two languages
63.BlasphemePerfect happiness
64.BlissSpeaking irreverently about God or sacred things
65.Bookworm/BibliophilicOne who is interested in reading books and nothing else
66.Boorish A person having rough and ill manner.


67.BotanyThe science of vegetable life
68.BrittleA thing which can be easily broken
69.CabaretA series of cabre dance / acts at a night club
70.Cabby, CabdriverThe driver of a taxi cab
71.CacophonyHarsh sound
72.Cajole, EnticePersuade by flattery
73.CapsizeOverturn in water
74.CarnivalPublic merry making and feasting
75.CatalogueList of books and other articles
76.CentenaryHundredth anniversary
77.CircumlocutionA roundabout way of expression
78.Cloak roomThe place for luggage at a railway station
79.CoerceCompel to a course of action
80.CognateHaving the same source or origin
81.ColleaguesPerson working in the same department
82.CollusionSecret agreement for a fraudulent purpose
83.ConflagrationHuge destructive fire
84.CongruentIdeal in All Respect
85.ConscriptionCompulsory enlistment for military or other services
86.CamouflageThe act of concealing the identity of something by

modifying its appearance

87.ContagiousWhich spreads by physical touch or contact
88.ContiguousTwo countries or states touching a common boundary
89.ContriteShowing deep sorrow for wrongdoing
90.ConvalescenceThe period of gradual recovery of health after illness
91.ConventiclerSecret or illegal religious meeting
92.CoquetteA seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
93.CoronationCeremony of crowning a king
94.CurfewAn order that certain activities / Movement are prohibited
95.CynosureCentre of attraction
96.CompatriotA person from your own country
97.CentipedeAn insects with many legs
98.CarnivalPublic festivals occurring at a regular time in a year
99.CaricaturePicture description or imitation in order to amuse or ridicule
100.ConsummatePerfect in the practice of an art

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