1. Present Participle
  2. Past Participle


  1. Present Participle
  • Here running is come alone without any helping verb, so from this we got to know that ‘running’ is not a part of tense.
  • If we use only’ run’ instead of ‘ running’ it doesn’t make any sense.
  • So when v1 + ing comes alone, without them sentence doesn’t make any sense is known as participle.
  • If it in the present tense (is, are used), then the participle is known as Present Participle.
  • Here participle is act as an adjective.


  1. Past Participle
  • Used for all perfect tense forms of a verb and in the passive voice.

Example: He hid the money in his recently gotten shirt.

Here gotten is past participle because:

  • It acts as adjective because it adds the quality or describes about noun. (Here noun is shirt)
  • No helping verb is used with ‘gotten’ so it cannot be a part of tense.
  • It is third form of verb.
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