Root Words

38.) En/in: – Into, cover with, cause

Empathy: – intention to feel like another person

Empower: – put into power

Engorge: – make larger


39.) Ep/i: – On, upon, over, after, outside

Epidemic: – the rapid spread of something negative

Epilogue: – a short speech delivered after a play

Epicentre: – the centre of an earthquake


40.) Esth/aesth: – Feeling, sensation, beauty

Esthetician: – some who beautifies

Aesthetic: – pertaining to a sense of beauty

Kinesthesia: – the sensation of bodily movement


41.) Ethno: – Race, people

Ethnic: – pertaining to a defined group odd people

Ethnocentric: – focusing on the ethnicity of people

Ethnology: – the science of people and races.

42.) Eu: – Good, well

Euphemism: – replacing an offensive word with an inoffensive one.

Euphonious: – having pleasant sound

Euphoria: – feeling of well-being


43.) Funct: – Perform, work

Defunct: – no longer working or alive

Function: – to work or perform a role normally

Malfunction: – to fail to work correctly.

44.) Hetero: – Different, other

Heterogeneous: – made up of unrelated parts

Heteronyms: – words with same spelling but different meanings

Heterodox: – not conforming to traditional beliefs

45.) Histo: – Tissue

Histology: – study of the microscopic structure of tissues

Histochemistry: – study of the chemical constitution of cells and tissues.

46.) Hyper: – Too much, over, excessive, beyond

Hyperactive: – very restless

Hypercritical: – too critical

Hypertension: – above normal pressure.

47.) Hydr/o: – Moister, humidity

Hydrate: – to add to water

Hydrophobia: – intense fear of water

Hydroponics: – growing plants in liquid nutrient solution

Hydraulic: – operated by force created by liquid


48.) Hyp/o: – Under

Hypoglycemia: – an abnormally low level of sugar in blood

Hypothermia: – abnormally low level of temperature

Hypothesis: – a theory that is unproven but used under the assumption that it is true


49.) Iatr/o: – Medical care

Geriatrics: – medical care of the elderly

Paediatrician: – a doctor who treats children

Podiatry: – medical care for feet


50.) Infra: – Beneath, below

Infrastructure: – underlying framework of a system

Infrared: – below the regular light spectrum

51.) Inter: – Between, among, jointly

International: – involving two or more countries

Intersection: – place where roads come together

Intercept: – to stop or interrupt the course of

52.) Junct: – Join

Conjunction: – a word that joins parts of sentences

Disjunction: – a disconnection

Junction: – a place where two things join.

53.) Juven: – Young

Juvenile: – youthful or childish

Rejuvenate: – to bring back to youthful strength or appearance.

54.) Kilo: – Thousand

Kilobyte: – 1,000 bytes

Kilometer: – 1,000 meter

Kilograms: – 1,000 grams.

55.) Lab: – Work

Collaborate: – to work with a person

Elaborate: – to work out the details

Laborious: – requiring a lot of hard work.

56.) Later: – Side

Bilateral: – of or involving two sides

Unilateral: – affecting one side of something.

57.) Lex: – Word, law, reading

Lexicology: – the study and history of words

Alexia: – los of the ability to read

Illegal: – not authorized by the official rules or laws

58.) Liber: – Free

Liberate: – to set free;

Libertine: – a person with a free, wild lifestyle

Liberty: – freedom.

59.) Lingu: – Language, tongue

Linguist: – one who studies languages

Multilingual: – able to communicate in multiple languages

Linguine: – long flat “tongue- shapes” pasta.

60.) Loc: – Place

Dislocate: – to put something out of its usual place

Location: – a place

Relocate: – to move to a new place.

61.) Logy: – Study of something

Theology: – Teho means god or religion so theology means study of religion

Anthropology: – Anthrop means human being so anthropology means study of human being.

Morphology: – Morph means structure so morphology means study of structures.

Anthropomorphism: – Its antrop+morph+ism meaning is giving human structure to god.

Zoomorphism: – Its zo+morph+ism meaning giving animal structure to god.

62.) Loqu/locu: – Speak

Eloquent: – speaking beautifully and forcefully

Loquacious: – very talkative

Elocution: – art of public speaking


63.) Luc: – Light

Elucidate: – to explain, to throw light on

Lucid: – easily understood, giving off light

Translucent: – allowing light through

64.) Lud/lus: – To play

Prelude: – introduction to the major performance

Illusion: – misleading optical image or impression

Delude: – to mislead, deceive


65.) Lum: – Light

Illuminate: – to fill with light

Lumen: – unit measuring light

66.) Macro: – Large, great

Macroevolution: – large scale evolution

Macromolecule: – a large molecule

Macroeconomics: – study of the overall forces of economy

67.) Magn: – Great, large

Magnify: – make large

Magnificent: – grand

Magnate: – a powerful person, especially in business and industry


68.) Mand: – To order

Command: – an order or instruction

Demand: – a hard-to-ignore orer

Mandate: – an official order

69.) Mania: – Madness, insanity, excessive desire

Bibliomania: – a crazy love of books

Egomania: – a mad love of oneself

Maniac: – an insane person

70.) Mar/i: – Sea

Marina: – a harbor for pleasure boats

Maritime: – relating to the sea

Submarine: – an undersea boat

Aquarium: – blue-green in colour, like sea water


71.) Mater,matr/i: – Mother

Maternal: – relating to motherhood

Maternity: – the state of being a mother

Matriarch: – a women head of a household


72.) Max: – Greatest

Maximal: – the best or greatest possible

Maximize: – to make as great as possible

Maximum: – the greatest amount.

73.) Medi: – Middle

Medieval: – pertaining to the middle Ages

Medium: – in the middle

Mediocre: – only of medium (inferior) quality

74.) Mega: – Great, large, million

Megalopolis: – an area with many nearby cities

Megaphone: – a device that projects a loud voice

Mega structure: – huge building or other structure

75.) Meso: – Middle

Mesoamerica: – Middle America

Meson: – elementary particle with a mass between an electron and a proton

76.) Meta: – Change, after, beyond, between

Metaphysics: – study of nature and reality

Metamorphosis: – a complete change of form

Metastasis: – the transmission of disease to other parts of the body

77.) Micro: – Very small, short, minute

Microbe: – a very small living thing

Microchip: – a tiny wafer with an integrated Circuit

Microscope: – a device to see very small things

78.) Mid: – Middle

Midriff: – the area between the chest and the waist

Midterm: – middle of a term in school

Midway: – halfway between

79.) Migr: – Move

Immigrant: – a person who moves to a mew country to settle

Migrant: – person who moves from place to place

Migration: – the process of moving

80.) Milli: – One thousandth

Millimeter: – one thousandth of ammeter

Millibar: – one thousandth of a bar

Milliter: – one thousand of a liter

81.) Mob: – Move

Immobilize: – to stop from moving

Mobile: – able to move freely

Mobility:  – the equality of being able to move

82.) Morpho/o: – From

Metamorphosis: – complete change of form

Endorphins: – chemical in the brain able to transform pain

Amorphous: – without distinct shape or form

83.) Mort: – Death

Immortal: – living forever, unable to die

Mortal: – certain to die

Mortician: – an undertaker

84.) Multi: – Many, more than one or two

Multi-coloured: – having many colours

Multimedia: – using a range of media

Multi-tasking: – doing many things at once

85.) Mut: – Change

Immutable: – not changing

Mutant: – an organism that has undergone change

Mutate: – to undergo a change

86.) Narr: – Tell

Narrate: – to tell a story

Narrative: – a story

Narrator: – a person who tells a story

87.) Nat: – Born

Innate: – included since birth

Natal: – relating to birth

Natural: – gotten a birth, not afterward

88.) Nav: – Ship

Circumnavigate: – to sail around a place

Naval: – relating to a navy or warships

Navigate: – to sail a ship through a place

89.) Neg: – No

Negate: – to say it didn’t happen

Negative: – meaning “no”

Renege: – to go back on a promise

90.) Necr/o: – Dead, death

Necrophilia: – loving death

Necrosis: – the death of tissue due to disease or injury

Necrology: – a list of persons who have recently died


91.) Neo: – New, recent

Neoclassic: – a revival of classic form,

Neo-colonialism: – the indirect (“new”) economic and political control of a region by a more powerful foreign power

Neonatal: – a newborn child, especially first few weeks

92.) Nephr/o: – Kidney

Nephritis: – inflammation of kidneys

Nephrotomy: – surgical incision of a kidney

Nephron: – a single, excretory unit in the kidney


93.) Non: – No, not, without

Nondescript: – with no special characteristics

Nonfiction: – true, real, not made-up

Non- sense: – without sense

94.) Not: – Mark

Notable: – marked as worthy of attention

Notarize: – to certify a signature on a legal document

Annotate: – to add remarks

95.) Nov: – New

Innovate: – to introduce a new way

Novelty: – something new

Novice: – a person who is new at a job, fresher

Renovate: – to make something like new again


96.) Numer: – Number

Enumerate: – to name a number of items on a list

Numerology: – the study of magical uses of numbers

Numerous: – a large number

97.) Ocu: – Eye

Binoculars: – lens device for seeing distance

Monocular: – relating to one eye

Oculist: – an eye doctor


98.) Omni: – All

Omnipotent: – with all the power

Omniscient: – knowing all things

Omnivorous: – eating all types of foods

99.) Opt: – Best

Optimal: – the best, the most desirable

Optimize: – to make the best of, utilize

Optimum: – the best something could be


100.) Ortho: – Straight

Orthodontist: – a dentist that straightens teeth

Orthopaedic: – a doctor concerned with the proper alignment of the bones

Orthography: – the correct way of writing

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