Root Words

143.) Rid: – Laugh

Deride: – to make fun of someone

Ridicule: – to make fun or mock

Ridiculous: – silly, causing laughter


144.) Rupt: – Break, burst

Bankrupt: – unable to pay because you’re “broke”

Interrupt: – to break into a conversation or event, to disturb;

Rupture: – a break in something

145.) San: – Health

Sane: – mentally healthy

Sanitary: – relating to cleanliness and health

Sanitation: – maintenance of public health and

146.) Scend: – Climb, go

Ascend: – to climb upward

Crescendo: – a climbing up of the volume of music

Descend: – to go or climb down

147.) Scribe: – Write, written

Inscribe: – to write letters or words on a surface

Scribe: – a person who writes out documents

Describe: – to represent with words or picture


148.) Se: – Apart

Secede: – to formally break away

Seclude: – to keep away from

Serum: – a liquid isolated out of another


149.) Sect: – Cut

Dissect: – to cut apart piece by piece

Intersection: – the place or point where two things cross each other

Bisect: – to cut into two equal parts

150.) Self: – Of, for, or by itself

Self-discipline: – the ability to discipline yourself

Self-respect: – respect for yourself

Selfish: – concerned only with your own interest

151.) Sol: – alone

Desolate: – lonely, dismal, gloomy

Solitary: – done alone, by yourself

Solo: – a performance done by one person alone

152.) Sol: – Sun

Solar: – involving the sun

Parasol: – umbrella protecting from the sun

Solarium: – a room where one is exposed to sun light

153.) Somnia: – Sleepiness

Insomnia: – lack of sleep

Somniferous: – ferrous means things causing something so somniferous are the things that cause sleep like pills etc.

Somnambulist: – som+amb+ist here som means sleep ambu means walk so somnambulist means the one who walk while sleeping.

Ambulant: – means things able to walk

Somniloquist: – loquist means talking so somniloquist means the one who talks while sleeping.


154.) Son: – Sound

Consonant: – a speech sound

Sonorous: – producing loud, full, rich sounds

155.) Soph: – Wise

Philosopher: – a wise person

Sophisticated: – wise about the ways of the world

Sophism: – a clever but misleading argument

156.) Sphere: – Ball

Biosphere: – the whole round surface of the earth

Hemisphere: – half the earth spherically shaped like a ball

157.) Spir: – Breathe

Inspire: – to stimulate or animate

Transpire: – to give of vapour with waste product through the skin or a membrane

Spirit: – invisible life force

158.) Sta: – Stand

Stable: – standing steady and firm

Stagnant: – standing still, not moving

Stationery: – at a standstill, fixed.

159.) Stell: – Star

Constellation: – a group of stars that forms a pattern

Interstellar: – between the stars

Stellar: – relating to stars

160.) Struct: – build

Construct: – to build

Destruction: – the act of destroying something that was built structure something built

Infrastructure: – underlying framework off a system

161.) Tact/tang: – Touch

Contact: – a state in which two thing touch

Tactile: – relating to the sense of touch

Tangible: – able to be touched

Intact: – with nothing missing


162.) Tax/o: – Arrangement

Syntax: – the systematic arrangement or words

Taxonomy: – the science of classification

Ataxia: – loss of the ability to coordinate muscle action


163.) Tele/o: – Far, distant, complete

Telephone: – a device to talk to a distant person

Telescope: – a device to view distant object

Television: – a device to receive pictures from afar

Telecommuting: – working remotely, bridging the distance via virtual devices


164.) Term/ina: – End, limit

Determine: – to find something out at the end of an investigation, decide, define

Terminate: – to end

Exterminate: – to destroy or get rid of completely


165.) Thei: – God/religion

Theist: – meaning the one who believes in god

Atheist: – meaning the one who don’t believe in god.

Monotheist: – mono+theist mono (only one) :- one who believes in one god.

Polytheist: – (Ploy means many) so Polytheist means the one who believe in many gods.

Pantheist: – Pan mean all over so pantheist is one who believes in all gods across all religion.


166.) Tort: – Twist

Contortion: – a twisted shape or position

Distort: – to alter the shape or condition of

Retort: – reply in a manner that is supposed to change the effect of something previously said

167.) Tox: – poison

Detoxification: – the process of removing poison

Toxic: – poisonous

Toxicology: – the study of poisons

Intoxicated: – influenced by drugs

168.) Tract: – Pull, drag

Attract: – to pull objects nearer

Distract: – to drag attention away from something

Tractor: – a motor vehicle that plus things

169.) Trans: – Across, beyond, through

Transcontinental: – across the continent

Transfer: – to move from one place to another

Transport: – to carry something across a space

170.) Urb: – city

Suburb: – residential area on the edge of a city

Urban: – relating to a city

Urbanology: – the study of city life

171.) Vac: – empty

Evacuate: – to empty a dangerous place

Vacant: – empty, not occupied

Vacation: – a time without work

172.) Ven/t: – Come

Convention: – a gathering or assembly of people with a common interest

Intervene: – to come between, interfere, interpose


173.) Ver/i: – Truth

Veracious: – truthful, honest

Veracity: – the truth

Verify: – to make sure that something is true


174.) Verb: – word

Verbalize: – to put into words

Adverb: – a word relating to a verb

Proverb: – a short saying that expresses a well-known truth

175.) Vince/vic: – Conquer

Convince: – to win someone over

Invincible: – not able to be conquered

Victory: – the conquest of an enemy


176.) Vis/vid: – See

Vision: – the ability to see

Evident: – clearly visible


177.) Voc: – Voice, call

Advocate: – to speak in favour

Equivocate: – to use misleading language that could be interpreted two different ways

Vocalize: – to produce with your voice


178.) Vor/vour: – Eat

Voracious: – desiring or eating food in great quantities

Devour: – to eat quickly

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