Root Words

1.) Ab/s, a: – from, away off

Abduct: – carry away by force, grab, kidnap, seize

Abnormal: – not normal

Absent: – not present

Aversion: – the act of turning away from

Abbreviate: – to shorten


2.) Acro: – Top, height, tip, beginning

Acrobat: – a high walker

Acronym: – a word formed from first (capital) letters of word

Acrophobia: – fear of height


3.) Ambi/amphi: – Both, on both sides, around

Ambidextrous: – able to use both hand equally

Ambiguous: – having more than one meaning

Ambivalence:  – conflicting or opposite feeling for a person or thing


4.) Ambul: – Walk, move

Amble: – to walk in a slow, relaxed way

Ambulant: – walking or moving

Ambulance: – a vehicle that moves a patient

5.) Ami/o: – Love

Amiable: – friendly, pleasant, lovable

Amity: – friendly and peaceful relation

Amorous: – showing romantic love


6.) Anim: – Life, spirit

Animal: – a living organism

Animate: – to make alive

Equanimity: – of balanced spirit

7.) Andr/o: – Man, male

Androgynous: – being male and female

Android: – resembling a human

Misandry: – hatred towards a men


8.) Anti: – Against, opposite of

Antibody: – a substance that destroys microorganisms

Antiseptic: – preventing infection;

Antisocial: – opposing social norm

9.) Apo/apho: – Away, off, separate

Aphorism: – a short expression of a general truth

Apology: – an explicit expression of regret

Apostrophe: – a small dash used in place of an omitted letter


10.) Aqu/a: – Water

Aquarium: – a water container for fish

Aquatic: – relating to water

Aqueduct: – a pipeline for water


11.) Arbour:-Tree

Arborist: – someone working with trees

Arbour: – a shady area formed by trees

Arborous: – having many trees

12.) Auto: – Self, same, one

Autocrat: – a person who governs with absolute power

Autograph: – a person’s own signature

Automatic: – moving by itself

14.) Avi/a: – Bird

Aviary: – a large enclosure for birds

Aviatrix: – a female airplane pilot

Aviation: – the art of designing or operating aircraft


15.) Bene: – Good, well

Accumulate: – to gather or pile up

Benefactor: – person who gives money to a cause

Beneficial: – producing a good effect

Benevolent: – showing kindness or goodwill

16.) Cata: – Down, against completely intensive according to

Cataclysm: – a flood or other disaster

Catalogue: – a complete listing

Catastrophe: – turning for the worst, a substantial disaster

17.) Cerbr/o: – Brain

Cerebral: – pertaining to the brain

Cerebrate: – to use the brain

Cerebrospinal: – pertaining to the brain and the spinal cord


18.) Cert: – Sure

Ascertain: – to find out something with certainty

Certain: – being absolutely sure

Certify: – to state that something is true

19.) Cide: – Killing/murder

Suicide: – killing oneself

Matricide: – killing one’s mother

Patricide: – killing one’s father

Fratricide: – killing one’s own brother

Infanticide: – killing a new born

Insecticides: – chemical which are used for killing insects

Pesticides: – chemical which are used for killing insects

Homicide: – killing a human being


20.) Cious: – To do something

Loquacious: – loquis means talking so lozuacious means the one who talks a lot

Voracious: – vora means eat so voracious means the one who eats a lot.

Avaricious: – avari means greed so avaricious means greedy

Pugnacious: – pug means fight so pugnacious means the one who fights a lot.

21.) Circum: – Around, about

Circumnavigate: – to sail around

Circumscribe: – to draw around

Circumspect: – looking around

Circumvent: – to go around or bypass restrictions

22.) Claim/clam: – Shout, speak out

Clamour: – to shout and make noise

Exclaim: – to cry out loudly and suddenly

Proclamation: – something announced officially in public


23.) Clar: – clear

Clarification: – an explanation

Clarify: – to make something clear wish, will to state something clearly

Declare: – to state something clearly


24.) Cline: – Lean

Inclination: – a leaning toward

Incline: – a surface that slopes or leans

Recline: – to lean back and relax

25.) Clud/clus: – Close

Conclusion: – the end or last part

Exclusion: – shutting out, rejecting

Seclude: – to keep away from, to islolate


26.) Cong/i: – Know

Cognition: – process of acquiring knowledge

Incognito: – disguised so no one knows you

Recognise: – to discover that no one knows


27.) Con: – With, jointly

Concur: – to agree with someone

Contemporary: – of the same time period as others

Convention: – a gathering of people with a common interest


28.) Counter: – Opposite, contrary, opposing

Counteract: – to oppose the effects of an action

Countermand: – to cancel a previous order

Counteroffensive: – attack against an attack

29.) Cranio: – skull

Craniology: – the study of skull characteristics;

Cranium: – skull of vertebrates

Cranial: – pertaining to the skull

30.) Cracy: – Govt /system

Democracy: – demo+cracy means govt of people

Autocracy: – auto+cracy means dictatorship/kingship (when one person rules the whole government or system)

Theocracy: – Theo+cracy means when government is of religious people like priest, bishops etc.

Plutocracy: – Pluto means wealthy so plutocracy means when government is controlled by wealthy people like industrialist.

Oligocracy: – Oligo means selected few so oligocracy means when selected few runs the government.

Mobocracy: – Mob means crowd so mobocracy means when crowd takes over government or in other words lawlessness.

Monarchy: – monarc means top official like king so monarchy is the rule of king.

Anarchy: – means lawlessness it’s just similar to mobocracy.

Gerontocracy: – geron mean aged/ experienced so gerontocracy means when position are determined by the experience or the age.

Meritocracy: – merito means performance so meritocracy means when positon are decided by performance

Cleptocracy: – clepto means thief so cleptocracy means when government is run by thieves.

Beaurocracy: – beauro means top officials so beaurocracy means when government is run by top officials.

Aristocracy: – aristo means nobility so aristocracy means when government is run by noble families.

31.) Cred: – Believe

Credence: – belief that something is true or valid

Credulous: – believing things too easily, gullible

Incredible: – unbelievable

32.) Crypto: – Hidden, secret

Cryptic: – of hidden meaning

Cryptography: – science of secret codes

Encrypt: – encode into secret code

33.) Cumul: – Mass, heap

Accumulate: – to gather or pile up

Cumulative: – gradually building up

34.) Cycl: – Circle, ring

Bicycle: – a vehicle with two wheels

Cycle: – a sequence that is repeated

Cyclone: – a storm with circling winds

35.) Dia: – Through, between, apart, across

Diabetes: – disease characterized by excessive thirst and discharge of urine

Diagnosis: – understanding a condition by going through a detailed review of symptoms

Dialog: – conversation between two people

  1. Dict: – Speak

Contradict: – to express the opposite of

Prediction: – a statement foretelling the future

Dictate: – to speak out loud for another person to write down.

37.) Domin: – Master

Dominate: – to be the master of

Domineering: – excessively controlling

Predominate: – to have more power than others



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